Saturday, October 23, 2010

What do you wish you'd known at 13?

In honor of the Dove movement for self esteem weekend, which I personally think is great, I wanted to think about my own list. Think about all the things I know now. The ones I didn't know then.


When I made the B team in basketball. Crying myself to sleep wishing I wasn't a short, glasses-wearing, left-handed, joined-the-sport-too-late kid. Wish I knew that years later I'd go on to be the starting guard for Varsity and all those things I once hated would pass too.

When I'd wear shirts that covered up my birthmark (on my right elbow) because no one else had one. Wish I listened to my mom when she said it was a beauty mark and that it makes me unique. It is. It does.

When I'd wake up extra early before school and try on a million outfits because I was certain it mattered. Wish I knew that rock'in your own style is way more cool.

When I cried over boys. Stupid boys. Promising myself I'd never get married, remain a single girl forver. Wiping my eyes and dreaming of moving to a big city and one day become a high-heeled, briefcase-wearing, latte-carrying, single-women conquering the world. Wish I knew that I'd meet my soulmate when I was just 18 and not to waste my time crying.

When I put bottles of SunIn in my hair because everyone went blonde and so I too jumped on that wagon (well, as blonde as I could). Wish I knew to stick to my natural dark color because it is what He intended for me. And He knows best.

When I wanted to know the answers to everything and saw the world as black & white. Wish I knew that we live in a world of gray and sometimes there just aren't answers.

I have learned so much and yet I imagine I will look back on even these years with "What I wish I'd known when I was in my twenties!" So much liv'n and learn'n yet to do. So let's get on with it. Enjoy your weekend my confident, full of potential, beautiful friends. ox

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Anonymous said...

my hope is...that every little girl knows they have the potential to be as wise, successful, beautiful and happy as my daughter.

love you BA,