Tuesday, November 30, 2010

we celebrated MamaSis' marriage

It's been far too long since I've been here. I've missed you. I have the best intention of keeping in touch and getting on here and then you know things happen. Life gets in the way. MamaSis consumed much of my November with her (wedding) reception. And that's OK. It was an amazing night. Beautiful. Intimate. Romantic. Perfect.

Oh but let me tell you about my speech. I perseverated days weeks before. I wanted it to be perfect. I didn't want to embarrass myself (or MamaSis. or Hunkaroonie). I didn't want to cry big tears and then not be able to finish. I didn't want people at their tables saying "jigga who?" "jigga what?" I didn't want to break out in hives, have sweaty palms or a quivering voice. I had high expectations and I was beginning to feel the pressure. Damnit perfection. You suck.

But it was finally the day. And it was time. Right before I stood up LilBigBro slid me some wine said, "calm down and take a sip." No arguing there.

I walked next to MamaSis. Looked her in the eyes. And began.


I’ve waited a long time for this, so get comfortable.


There’s something so special about having another person in the world who has the same parents as you. It always surprises me when we talk about our memories growing up. Because even though we lived in the same house with the same parents and ate the same food we turned out so different from one another. And we remember it all so differently as well.

I remember taking our care bears for wagon rides, having lemonade stands, playing “house” and “school,” and riding our strawberry shortcake big wheels. I remember choreographing a dance to Wilson Philips, our New Kids on the Block poster, and the Celine Dion concert . I remember our matching haircuts, matching clothes, and matching ten speeds. Our perms, middle school orchestra, and the martini mobile.

We are so different she and I. But not so much that we don’t thoroughly enjoy each other’s company and perspective. I make her laugh. She makes things funny. I turn in early. She goes to bed late. I like to plan. She is the queen of procrastination. She’s more of a Carrie. Where I’m Charlotte. She’s sweet. I’m salty. I arrive early. She comes late. She’s always on the go with a grand total of 13 moves. I’ve lived in 5, preferring to stay put.
BUT we both love pizza, pasta and the hot summertime sun. Cooking, the changing of seasons, entertaining, sushi, an Amy Grant Christmas, and our family. She helps me not to take myself too seriously. I think I do the same for her.

Yes we are different but yet so entirely the same. Though our memories are different they do overlap. Over the years, we have leaned on and learned from one another. I know one thing is for sure, we are better together than we are apart.

I have always prayed that you would find your path and that God would help guide you. He has. And I’m so proud of you and the person you’ve become.

And Chad,

Thank you for choosing my sister.
Thank you for taking care of my sister and Isabella.
Thank you for showing us what it means to be courageous.
Thank you for providing comic relief.
Thank you for introducing us to the Hawkeyes.
Thank you for your unexplainable patience.
But most importantly, thank you for allowing us to be your family.

I hope you make each other’s dreams come true.

Congrats. I love you both.

Not sure why I got so nervous. Because as Dad would say, I nailed it. Although I did get sweaty palms and had to pause while I cried (a couple times), I spoke from the heart. And the rest took care of itself. I should have known.

Side notes:
  • I did make a grown man cry (the DJ)! I'd say that's a successful matron of honor speech. Boo-ya!
  • If you are anyone other than MamaSis or Rita and still reading this LONG post, I give you props. *props*


MamaSis said...

Ok Sis, I freaking cried while reading that darn speech again. You are good. Very good. It could not have been more perfect xox

Michelle said...

Wish I could have been there to hear it live. so glad you posted it. Congrats to Tara.. you have found your prince YAH FOR YOU. Sending my love and best wishes!!! Bee... I have been missing you and reading your blogs always makes me feel that much closer... ps. you brought tears to my eyes...you know this is something that is hard to do. I agree with my main man JAY... you did nail it.. tell the fam all HELLO from Montana.