Tuesday, December 14, 2010

holiday baking 2010: the goods

It was one of the best days to do holiday baking. We had just received a dumping of snow (see previous post) and it looked and felt like the holidays.

MamaSis showed up with all the supplies. Rita paid for them. I planned all of them. It was a 3-way handshake.

But I couldn't show up empty handed so I brought homeade Irish Cream. It started off in our coffee. Then later. Over ice.

holiday baking 010

We started out making caramels. Those required some focus. Anything requiring a candy thermometer means serious business.

holiday baking 014
holiday baking 051
(MamaSis hiney shot.)

Then we moved onto Peanut Butter Kisses. Always requested by Hunkaroonie & Daddio. So we have to make a lot. I mean a lot. Just think... a lot. That's what we made.

holiday baking 017
holiday baking 019
(Will someone please sell unwrapped Hershey's Kisses around the holidays. Thanks.)

Next up melt-in-your-mouth-no-need-for-frosting Sugar Cookies.

holiday baking 039
holiday baking 036
(If you see some missing in the row above. We tested them. No worries. Ain't nothin but a G-thang. There were so good. So we continued. Baking. Not eating.)

We needed to focus MamaSis, she gets distracted easily. So we gave her the task of Peanut Brittle. She did quite honestly a fantastic job. She's getting domestic and all on us. That there is some mean Peanut Brittle.

holiday baking 041

By now we needed a break. So we put our feet up. Had some homeade chicken noodle soup. And prepared for the last two recipes.

Stay tuned...

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