Wednesday, December 1, 2010

thanksgiving at the farm: family traditions (sing it hank)

I am thankful for so many things in my life. Sometimes I wonder what I did that He blessed me the way He has.

And for one thing, I am thankful that Hunkaroonie's family has so many wonderful Thanksgiving traditions. Traditions are what makes life come full circle. It's family glue. And for Hunkaroonie's family, these traditions make for fist pumping good times. Ya know in a redneck reality show worthy kind of way.

farm 10
farm 10
farm 10

Last year for Christmas my dad got me a pair of carhartt bibs (as a joke). He wanted me to fit in at the farm (teehee). And I did. I busted them out this year and let me tell you. THEY ARE SOO WARM.

farm 10

I had to tuck the top of the bibs to show our matching Thanksgiving t-shirts in this picture above!

Our stomachs and, most importantly, our hearts are full from our 5 days at the farm. These Thanksgiving traditions are so important to Hunkaroonie and now, to me.

And if your Thanksgiving involved a giant blue snowsuit, Rich & Rare whiskey, chislic, long underwear, carhartts, guns, goose jerky, matching t-shirts, bonfires in FREEZING temperatures, jag bombs, yamaha big wheels, and a dead frozen coyote ....

then you just might have some redneck traditions as well. Gotta love that family glue!

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Crystal said...

That's it! I am coming to your Thanksgiving next year. It seems Casey's family and mine are a lot alike. Looks like a fun, fun time! And I am glad you have some Carhartts. Every capable woman needs a pair.