Wednesday, December 22, 2010

christmas traditions

We are getting very excited for Christmas. To be home. Around family. Where the hustle and bustle of everyday life takes a backseat. Where life slows down. And we celebrate.

You know how I feel about traditions. They rock. Here are some christmas traditions that we have in our family. We are only days away. *squeel*

Read the Polar Express. We've done this since we were very little. We each were given a book. Mine has tape holding together ripped pages. It's worn. It's loved. It is always one of the first things I pull out of my Christmas tub. Now the book is very popular but that is ok. This book reminds me of my childhood.

Appetizers before church on Christmas Eve. Shrimp cocktail. Oyster stew. Brown Sugar & Nut Brie Cheese. And on. And on. And on.

Enjoy our White Christmas. We always do some sort of outdoor activity. Either snow tubing at our local ski resort, sledding, or ice skating. This year we have LOTS of snow so sledding will be a must. Apparently Daddio & Rita already have tested the snow hill. Good times.

Homeade rolls or coffee cake on Christmas morning. Ofcourse coffee with eggnog or kahlua are sipped out of holiday mugs. Then stockings and gifts after breakfast.

Amy Grant's Christmas Album. Our favorite holiday music. Played on repeat. (I even mentioned this in MamaSis' reception speech. You know it's how we do it.)

Sing Christmas carols (did I just admit that outloud?). Accompanied by Hunkaroonie & Daddio on guitar. When we were little my Uncle would play the guitar. Rita prints out song sheets. She gets into it. Always has. It's hilarious. We are no Brady Bunch. No albums will be released.

A holiday movie. We go to the theatre to watch a holiday movie. Most of the time they have some funny ones that the whole family enjoys.

A feast with all the fixings. You already know Rita is the best cook. She always plans, shops, and prepares the best meal on Christmas Day. It's never the same. And each year is better than the last. Ofcourse gourmet desserts as well. Food. We like food. We like food a lot.

Games. We are game junkies. MamaSis & I can read eachother's mind. So we pretty much dominate Catch Phrase. But we do play other games too. We are not a competitive family. At all.

I hope that whatever your traditions are, new or old, that you take the time to celebrate. To breathe it in. Soak it up. Enjoy the moment.

Have a blessed Christmas. From our house to yours...

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog since your beautiful kitchen was featured on YHL and figured it was finally time to come out of stalking mode!

I love your family traditions. Amy Grant's Christmas album is my favorite too and yet somehow I don't even own it - will need to fix that for next year!