Thursday, January 13, 2011

be intentional

I love the weeks that follow Christmas. The schedule slows down. The entertaining takes a hiatus. The house is stripped of all things Christmas. Lights, nutcrackers, holiday mugs, candy cane striped candles, and stockings are all carefully placed into tubs marked CHRISTMAS and packed away for another year. No more egg nog or irish cream. No more pine needles or holiday cards. No more Christmas carols or gingerbread coffee creamer.

The mantle now sits empty. The bookshelf top remains undecoarted. Coffee table. Kitchen counters. The island. And dining room table all bare.

It seems like the best opportunity to recharge. To slow down. To be intentional.


I've learned that it's not only nice to have (at least) a few nights on your calendar that are empty each week but it's necessary (for us). Not everything in your life has to be full. I have never been one to keep a lot of stuff. I'm not a fan of knick knacks. Hate clutter. If I had to choose between keeping or tossing, I'd toss. I like our house to feel like a home and it's important that I be intentional. Be mindful. Make sure we reflect the image we intend. Not just our home but as individuals.

Sometimes I get wrapped up in all the things I should be doing or could be doing and forget to slow down. Just be. Last Sunday I let all the shelves remian undecorated. Skipped church. Stayed in my pajamas all day. Made soup in my LeCruset. Watched my favorite shows on the Food Network. Drank coffee until noon. Escaping from the outside world. Staying inside all day. Recharging.

Soon enough our mantle will be full and our calendar filled with pen marks and eraser smudges. So we are enjoying the now. And it's really nice.


Michelle said...

"May be the simple life but that's okay." Loving this post. But not as much as I heart you.

pleasantandhome said...

Well said! Continue to enjoy!

Kat said...

I like the idea that in addition to relaxing and taking stock, we can be intentional as well. I hadn't thought about that word for January, but the more I roll it around in my head, I really like it.

Mama Laura said...

Just reading this post helped ME to slow down. Thank you, ma'am!