Tuesday, January 25, 2011

hello friends

oh my. it's been over a week. we have some catching up to do. let's begin.

we went to visit Hunkaroonie's family to celebrate Christmas & New Years. we really enjoyed our time together. we played lots of games, ate yummy food, went out to eat, and (most fun of all) we took curling lessons. it is so much harder than you expect it to be. it was just fun to try something new. together. good times. good memories.

jan 2011

mamasis had a birthday so we hosted a brunch to celebrate.

{on the menu} egg hash in pastry cups, maple bacon, coffee & tea, juice spritzers, and make your own waffle. the toppings for the waffles included: nutella, honey, cinnamon, powdered sugar, homeade blueberry compote, homeade carmelized bananas, candied wanuts, homeade whip cream, chocolate chips, and syrup.

the birthday girl made one with a bananas and nutella combo. oh.my.yummy.

jan 2011

i hope her birthday-candle-in-a waffle-wish came (or will come) true.

jan 2011

other than that we've been enjoying our continuation of slowing down. doing a lot of cooking. made a white bean/italian sausage/kale soup. the kale looked so beautiful in the store. so i bought it. and made soup with it. yummy. (thanks Maus House for enjoying the soup with us.)

jan 2011

mamasis called me as soon as she made ina's PB&J bars. she said they are INSANE and i was going to die. (twisted my arm. i made them.) they are. and i almost did.

jan 2011

jan 2010

so go make them or mamasis will get mad. and me too. you probably have all the ingredients in your fridge/pantry. and little kids will love you. and the big kids (re:adults) too. here is the link to the recipe; Ina's Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars. I made mine with Smucker's Seedless Raspberry Jam.

last week was sooo cold. almost evey night ended with a cup of hot chamomile tea and a slice of buttered (both sides) cinnamon & sugar (both sides) toast. that's comfort right there.

jan 2011

it seems i talk about food a lot.

but i'm sure you'd rather hear about that then: we cleaned out our storage and brought bins to mamasis' to keep for a garage sale this spring, my car got a flat tire on the coldest day of the year, we've been getting back into our gym routine now that the holidays are over, we scored a beautiful handsome wool dress coat for Hunkaroonie for $99 at Macy's ($200 off), and watched The Social Network and The Kids are All Right. And ....GO STEELERS.

well i guess you got the best of both worlds. i talked about it all.

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