Saturday, January 8, 2011

How I came to be Mrs. Hunkaroonie: Part One

Let me begin by stating, the accounts of this story are from my perspective. If you are new and have not visted my blog before it may be helpful to know I affectionately call my husband Mr. Hunkaroonie.

Packing all of my possessions into perfectly labeled boxes which read; CLOTHES, PERSONAL CARE, SHOES, COMPUTER, BREAKABLES. All of the material things that (at the time I felt) defined me. Heading to an unfamiliar place. With unfamiliar people.


I didn't know what to expect. I don't think anyone really can. Or does. I wasn't sure if I would fit in. I mean I wasn't a farmer's daughter. I didn't know what Agronomy meant. I had never heard of the FFA. Maybe picking this college based on 1) they had a good communication program, 2) I wanted to expand my horizons and 3) the wrought iron gate, brick pillars, old buildings, and tulip lined pathways that had me at hello, were not adequate reasons for selecting where I would be spending the next four years of my life. But somewhere between unpacking my boxes marked CLOTHES and BREAKABLES I met people just like me. My new friends. And little did I know, my life was about to change. Forever.

taken it back to the old school

We made our way down to the cafeteria for dinner. Per usual I ate from the salad bar. A salad with bleu cheese dressing, hard-boiled egg, cottage cheese, and saltine crackers. (I later branched out and selectively tried the main entree. Looking forward to Taco Tuesdays where we could make our own tacos. But cold cereal and the salad bar were my friends that year. I digress.) I tell you of this cafeteria night because it is the first time I saw Hunkaroonie. He was wearing yellow workout pants, a white t-shirt and a navy blue hat positioned backwards. (hot, right?) I can close my eyes and literally picture this moment. I turned to my friend sitting next to me (my BFF, hi Sarah) and pointed him out.

taken it back to the old school

I'd see him occasionally in the cafeteria. I thought of him often. Really not knowing anything about him. Weeks turned to months. Summer to fall. I starting getting into a routine, meeting new people from class, studying, going to parties and even started to date. My friend (Sarah) had met a group of guys that happened to live on the same floor as the guy I was dating. We decided to make a stop up there one night because we hadn't been. I walked into the guy's (not at the point of boyfriend/girlfriend yet) room and do you know who was sitting there? Hunkaroonie. Yup, Hunkaroonie was the roommate of the guy I was dating.

taken it back to the old school

Jigga what. Just my luck.

I introduced myself and tried not to act too smitten. He (Hunkaroonie) was then just as he is now. Such a nice guy. A true gentleman. We got to know eachother as friends. He was dating. I was dating. Just not one another. I had turned into the girlfriend of the guy I was dating. I never saw that as long term. But then again I had just turned 18 and long term felt a long way away. And besides things were good. I had a great circle of friends. Which happen to include Hunkaroonie. Classes were going well. I was adjusting to life 350 miles away from home. I came to learn what the FFA stood for. I was fitting in after all. I could not ask for a better freshman year. A life-changing one for sure. Mistakes, tears, bumps, bruises and all. Could it be, it was over already?

old school

Summer. The summer changed everything. For the better.

I came back to school after a great summer. Refreshed from family time and excited about another year ahead. The welcome did not come quite as planned. The learning that my boyfriend had been cheating on me over the summer. Ouch. That stings. String the quartet, I became dramtic and emotional. Are you suprised? (I think that night I got drunk off Ice House at a house party, sat on the front steps saulking, and yelled at a police officer. I never said I was classy people. We all make mistakes. Again, I hate when I digress.)

See how I said, the summer changed everything? It's because my boyfriend cheated on me. He and I ultimately broke up.

And remember how I said it was all for the better? Well Hunkaroonie said I deserved better anyways. And I believed him.

old school

That first week back after learning the news and the breakup that followed was Homecoming Week. Seeing friends after a three month summer break. Johnny Holmes. Football game. Parade. House parties. Such a fun week on campus. So much fun that Hunkarooine staggered to our apartment for an after party one night. He, a liter of Coke, and a bottle of Captain Morgan. Somewhere between me saying, "I love your dimples" and him saying "I think I'm going to puke on you," is where I saw long term with him.

He threw up. I held the garbage can. Love was brewing.

Next up, How I came to be Mrs. Hunkaroonie: Part Two.


Crystal said...

I am riveted! Seriously I am. I don't know all these details, as I was just an innocent bystander. hehe!

So much has changed since then, can you believe the pictures look old and or clothes dated? Now THAT stings.

Oh, and I saw these pictures and thought. "Omigod! It's me, only I'm skinny and blonde."

Michelle said...

LOVE THIS.!! Can't wait for part two!! You found a KEEPER. Can't wait to see you both.

Sarah said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was laughing so hard and it was loud. That was sooo long ago and yet I remember like it was yesterday. Those pictures bring back some of my favorite memories, and I remember the events of your love affair so clearly as I was one seeing it from your side too. Love it.