Thursday, January 27, 2011

these winter days

i have been loving these bright, sunny, white, winter days. talk about embracing winter. winter. {embrace}. it's been a good thing.

jan 2011

speaking of embracing winter, so far we are exactly 50% completed with our 2011 winter list. here's what we have left...

make homeade pasta
escape the cold: take a vacation {TRIP IS BOOKED}
go for a walk while it's snowing
take sewing lessons
go to a Wild hockey game
make homeade marshmellows & hot cocoa
host a hotdish potluck party
go ice skating in our backyard

jan 2011

hunkaroonie has team members (re:coworkers) in town this week so he's had a full schedule of days & evenings. that means mamasis and i got to have some quality time together. dinner then decaf coffee w coconut creme creamer (sounds gross but infact delish). comfy on the couch watching reality tv. my-oh-my are there some crazy girls on the bachelor this season. i guess that's really no different.

jan 2011

my succulent plants are thriving this winter. soaking up that sunlight like it's going out of style. these little succulents have helped while i'm missing my garden, herbs, and flowers outside. soon enough, soon enough. in the meantime i'm enjoying the VERY little attention these guys need. and the antique bread pan tins that they live in make them extra fun. i got mine at an antique store but i see that they sell individual ones on etsy. like these.

jan 2011

can't believe it's the last week in january. i hope the sun continues to shine because i need to take some pictures of my completed craft/desk/work area. it involves fabric, a farm table, $4 file cabinet, and ofcourse spray paint. {just to name a few.} before & after pictures to come! soon. hopefully. but in the meantime, i got some inspiration from here.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bridgette! I made the peanut butter and jam bars today. :-) num num! Love you! Auntie Melanie