Friday, February 4, 2011

and before you know it. it's friday.

this week i decided it was time to decorate a bit for the remaining winter months. i kept some twigs with needles from the christmas tree (which are holding strong. i dried them first. i'd tell you this was planned and intentional. it wasn't.) but i love the simplicity and truly looks and feels like winter.

white and brown candles. greenery. grapevine with white paper snowflakes. chalkboard painted pots that read "happy new year" and " __ days until our snowboarding trip" (a countdown to our vacation.)

jan 2011

wreaths with greens & "be mine" tags that rest on our mantle. a reminder that valentine's day is coming and the fun things to look forward to yet this winter. enjoying warm drinks on cool nights. although i realized something this week. actually hunkaroonie told me this and i, for the first time, realized it. i don't like hot cocoa. no matter how many marshmellows i put on top. no matter the brand. homeade or not. i don't like it. i think i do. but i don't. i usually take a few sips, mostly of the melted marshmellows, and then am done.

jan 2011

so, this is hunkaroonie's.

Ihot cocoa

with lots of mini marshmellows. i had it ready for him to enjoy when he came in from snowblowing. because while i'm not a fan. he is! he's cool like that.

hot cocoa

mamasis and i ventured to a store this week that we both have always wanted to go to (but never talked about). actually the {text} conversation went something like this.

mamasis: hey i have a surprise store i want to take you. it's in edina.
me: i think i know.
mamsis: no you don't.
me: is it hunt & gather or somethin like that?
mamasis: ofcourse you figured it out. doesn't it look fab? can't wait.
me: yes. it's a date. ox

so we went. it's huge. Hunt & Gather Antiques. we didn't buy anything. but it was cute.

in unrelated news. we bought a pomegranate for the first time. it was yummy. not quite what we expected. but yummy. i know there are numerous ways to get the seeds out (in reading online) but what i found easiest was this:

cut in half. take a wooden spoon and with the cut side facing down in a large cereal bowl, give it a good whack. go at it until all the seeds are loose. doesn't take long.


i got enough seeds out of one pomegranate to portion for about 5 snacks. the best way (that i've read) to select a pomegranate in a grocery store is by weight. the heavier it is the more seeds that are inside. that's the extent of what i know on that subject.

there you have it. a culmination of a busy week.

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michelle ellis said...

That coco looks so yummy!!