Monday, February 28, 2011

let's hear it for weekends

With each weekend comes the promise that anything is possible. Maybe the anticipation that all of our dreams can come true in two short days is a little much but there is great potential.

saturday morning

The perfect blend of busy and mellow. It's the balance that's key. And often hard to find. We started the weekend with drinks in the lobby while waiting for our table. At a neighborhood bar & grill. Huddled around the fireplace because afterall it's February in the frozen tundra. Catching up on our day now seated in a booth made for 6. We split down the middle a walleye sandwich and a bbq bacon burger. Then shared. Yum. Taio Cruz Dynamite playing on the speakers, the Wild hockey game overhead, and the bartenders on full throttle. Keeping everyone happy. Happy and warm. If anyone wasn't happy it was Friday walking in. I can guarantee they were walking out. Ah, weekends.

Let's jump back to Valentine's weekend. We shoveled the deck, a path just wide enough, to get to the grill. Hunkaroonie made a candle lit gourmet meal. I'm licking my lips thinking about it.

vday night

vday dinner

vday dinner

vday dinner

Steaks {using our rub from the holidays}. garlic & rosemary butter {to dab on the hot grilled steak}. prosciutto wrapped asparagus. baked potatoes. cupcakes. limoncello. all amazing.

I modified our traditional heart cake for cupcakes this year. Same ingredients. Different method. Just as yummy.

Ok. Switching gears.

I did little-to-no cooking this weekend. It was kinda nice. Every once in awhile it's nice to step out of the kitchen and recharge. After church yesterday we met MamaSis and crew for brunch. After finishing near half a cup of coffee we wondered if they forgot. Then we remembered. That's typical. Talked mainly of tattoos and jobs. It was, always is, nice.

We settled, closing the weekend, in our {new} comfy over-sized leather chairs watching the Oscars. Eating chinese take-out. And warm banana bread with butter {seriously never disappoints}.

banana bread

Hunkaroonie playing with his new toy i-phone while I sip white wine and critique the actors wardrobe choices. The anticipation was worth it. We sucked all we could out of those precious two days. Let's hear it for weekends.

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