Sunday, February 13, 2011

the weekend in pictures

me flowers

hunkaroonie brought me flowers home from work on friday. after a bad couple days at work. he knows how to put things into perspective.


celebrating hunkaroonie's promotion at work! so proud of him! rock star!

mac n cheese

mac n cheese lunch.


a card in the mail from mamasis. just beacause. {totally made me giggle}

heart day

signs that valentine's day is close. {have you tried the strawberry heart marshmellows?}


sbux cinnamon dolce latte. while shopping at target.

angel food cake
angel food cake

angel food cake.

cleaning day

unpacking. laundry. and cleaning.

however, i don't want you to think we were totally productive. just sort of. because we also watched 2 movies, lots of hockey (MN hockey day was Saturday), hunkaroonie watched NASCAR, and we had 2 fires while lounging on the couch.

i made chili w homeade croutons for dinner. later we'll make homeade popcorn. watch the grammy's and call it a weekend.

1 comment:

Kat said...

Homemade croutons are basically a religion for me. As is Martini Rossi champagne. Delicious. What a lovely weekend!