Monday, March 14, 2011


mondays always come too soon. today was no exception.

turning our clocks ahead was a good feeling. knowing that the days are longer and warmer weather is around the corner. we certainly received our fair share of snow this winter. and it was good. it was a perfectly perfect 3 months of hibernation. opening the wooden blinds each morning to a sea of white, gray skies, and stillness on the streets.

so, we are ready for the coming season. for blue skies, lush green gardens, and the neighborhood to awaken. oh, it's at our fingertips. so close. but in the meantime, we've got some celebrating to do.

my family loves hunkaroonie so much. they've always said he's a second son to them, they love him like he's their own. they do. they really do. that makes my heart swell. and mamasis loves him too. so much that she threw him a fiesta (a tad early for an upcoming birthday). she had it set up days ago.

so we gathered for mango margaritas and delicious food. there was a note on the door (warning us of what we were walking into)! Decorations hanging from the ceiling, ponchos, sombrero, mustaches, music, maracas and a pinata. we danced and laughed. laughed and danced. the evening was perfect.

oh and even the drinks were sporting ponchos.

drink poncho

i will not post pictures of hunkaroonie in his poncho, sombrero, and mustache. i don't want him holding that one over my head. trust me. he's got too much on me. ok, onward. later in the evening mamasis had us go out to the garage and hit the pinata. let's just say the contents were for adults only. birthday boy got to take everything home.


with an hour less sleep and the night prior in tijana mexico at mamasis', we started off with hunkaroonie's specialty breakfast. poached eggs on toast and coffee. we watched a movie, did laundry, and caught up on well being home.


in unrelated and irrelevant news. i reused old candles. to make a new one. it's not a perfect process yet but we'll make a few modifications next time and should be fun for gifts! this time i used an empty peanut butter jar. it sits in the kitchen. adorable, if i do say so myself. and free! love that.



Michelle said...

Love catching up on the happenings of your life. Casey is one lucky guy to have such an amazing family to belong to (on both sidess)but then again he is one amazing guy. Glad a blast was had by all!!

Anonymous said...

hunkaroonie looks over the moon!