Monday, April 11, 2011

an afternoon with grandpa

sometimes you can't wait for life to slow down. you have to take the bull by the horns and make time. so, that's pretty much what we did.

bull. horns.

spring 2011

we packed into mamasis' car, hit mickey d's drive thru, and headed south. well south by one hour.

grandpa likes to know "what's new." so we spent a great deal of time telling him exactly what we've been up to. everything from our recent vacation, the garden and cooking to (yankee) baseball.

spring 2011

that day, spring finally arrived. so we took a walk to the park. we all hopped on the swings. grandpa watched. he probably told mamasis and i a thousand times how beautiful we are. and it was sweet every.single.time.

spending the afternoon with grandpa was bittersweet. childhood memories flash before you. a struggle with being grateful for the memories and then sadness that we've all grown up and things have changed. such is life.

spring 2011

life is not perfect. but that afternoon. that sunny afternoon with grandpa. that was pretty perfect.

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