Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cubicles, fish, & a non-traditional easter

still in my work clothes i turn on the burner to get water boiling for couscous, cut up portabella mushrooms, asparagus, garlic & onion, drizzle with veg oil and set on the back burner. take the now boiling water off the stove, add the couscous and put the lid on. change into comfy clothes. hear the 5 minute timer for the couscous. it's done. grab the tilapia that was thawing in the fridge. place in aluminum foil, pour wasabi ginger sauce over and fold the corners. hunkaroonie walks in the door from work. {hi. hello. hugs. kisses.} he heads to the deck to fire up the grill. add sauted veggies and a dab of butter to fluffed couscous. put in nice serving bowl. set in microwave to keep warm. hunkaroonie puts fish packets on grill. wash dirty pots and pans. we unload dishwasher. we load dishwasher. fish comes off grill. plate dinner. sit down and eat. catch up on each others day.

easter cookies

this scene last night, while the ingredients change, is typical. while it seems like a race to the finish, a juggle, an unrehearsed orchestra. it unwinds me. to decompress from the day in my favorite space. then sitting at the table, enjoying the meal, hearing about how someone quit and what a relief because the new hire can take his cube to avoid the inevitable drama that would come if the new hire dare got (the only other open spot) a window cube on their first day. that's the stuff that's important. not necessarily cubicle placement but the knowing. the ins and the outs of the day. the important things and the not so important (ahem, cubicles) things. because really, it all matters.

it's in the passing months that were so busy and the coming ones that will inevitably disappear so quickly (hello summer) that i try not to let the scale tip. to ensure nights like last. because when i'm sitting at work those are the things i look forward to most. cubicle and fish moments. yes, cubicles and fish.

easter cookies

in non-fish related topic. we didn't quite have the easter we intended. i came down with the flu on friday and we never made it back to see family. it was not what we planned but we made the best of it and were still able to reflect and be grateful for all He has given us. by easter Sunday i was starting to feel better. we grilled a very non-traditional easter dinner. i did however make cookies with pastel colored marshmellows and deviled eggs (thats about as traditional as it got). we watched casablanca. we were not in our sunday best. we did not eat chocolate bunnies and we did not have ham.

but it was a perfectly perfect easter nonetheless.

{let me also note this crazy weather. snow one day. 60 degrees the next. and others that are complete soakers. come may. come quick.}


michelle ellis said...

I cherish that time of our days too. It's how we stay connected :)

I hope you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Can I have this cookie receipe? Kaylin would love the colored marshmellows! Yum :)