Wednesday, April 6, 2011

let's cross it off: winter list

it's hard to believe the cold winter months have passed. we took some trips and enjoyed relaxing weekends at home. lots of fun memories were made with the ground covered in white ALL. winter. long.

Winter 2011 List

Snowboarding trip to Montana
Ice Skating at the Depot
Make homeade pasta
Try a new restaurant in town
Attend a Gopher hockey game
Make lots & lots of homeade soups
Go to a concert
Escape the cold: take a vacation
Go for a walk while it's snowing
Take sewing lessons
Go to a Wild hockey game
Make homeade marshmellows & hot cocoa
Have lots of wood burning fires
Host a hotdish potluck party (in honor of being a Minnesotan)
Complete (at least) one house project
Go ice skating in our backyard

looks like we did ok. we'll have to stick the ones we didn't get to on the list for next winter. for now, so excited to see all the snow melted and onto a new season. next, start thinking about the summer list.

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