Monday, April 18, 2011


hunkaroonie took a wirlwind trip to NYC. so much so that, he did not sleep in the city that never sleeps. fitting. when he returned home on friday, he looked like the city had won. but it wasn't a fight, so disregard what i just said. he immediately crawled into the leather chair and reclined. for a solid two hours. i was anxious for him to wake up and tell me all about the broadway show and hanging out with Frank, stretch limos to the after party and then the after-after party.

spring 2011 spring 2011
{treats for our special neighbors}

later at dinner we sat at the sushi bar and i heard about every last detail. what a trip. oh my gosh. i can tell you that our weekend was not quite the black tie event hunkaroonie flew in from. he traded the suit and tie for jeans and a sweatshirt and our weekend began.

weekend weekend weekend
{eggshells filled with cat grass seeds}

this time of year in the upper midwest the weather is about as predictable as picking up a chance card in the game of monopoly. you just never know what you're gonna get. this weekend's cards i think were meant for march 16. not april 16. and if we're still talking the game of monopoly, we're gonna sit on Free Parking (and collect the jackpot) until this cooler weather passes. enough already.

weekend weekend
{time in the kitchen bakin up some goodies}

funny how a weekend with no plans can quickly fill up and fly by. quick but good. a good one for sure.

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