Wednesday, April 13, 2011

our first sleepover

first sleepover

i do not want to forget our first sleepover. we had a lot of fun. we took a trip to the park where she had a meltdown when we left. that was fun. after recovering from that i made her homeade mac & cheese and homeade chicken fingers for dinner. from scratch. rushed to do it while she was taking her afternoon nap. she did not want anything to do with it. and when i tried to feed it to her she shook her head and said "no". she knows what she wants. a girl after my own heart. before bedtime we took her on a long stroller ride. 6 deer crossed over the trail we were walking in the woods. so much fun. she slept all night long. even through thunder and lightning. i did not. i was worried she wasn't breathing.

spring 2011

6:30am and she was talking to herself. hunkaroonie made us waffles for breakfast. she ofcourse wanted mine instead of hers and licked the syrup completely off. then ate it. love her. while hunkaroonie was working on the garden, we watched from the deck. she kept saying "cee cee". ofcourse saying hunkaroonie's name before mine. go figure. after one more stroller ride and a nap, mamasis came to pick her up. i love her. i'm lucky to be her auntie b.

our first sleepover is in the books. next time she is getting instant mac & cheese.

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Kat said...

Oh lady, sometimes the best memories come from situations like this. What a little darling! Love this story :)