Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the art of weekending

by the time 5 o'clock rolled around we were sipping cocktails. a vodka tonic and flirtini. in a leather booth that had been sat in and worn to the perfect comfort. lights were lowered and candles lit. jamie wrote her name, with a crayon, on the table and took care of us for the next 3 hours. just as weekends should start. weekending. it's an art. not all start off, or end, the same but they are all perfect in their own way. this night, we were not just weekending we were celebrating an exciting purchase (pending inspection) by rita and daddio. they've dreamed of this. they wondered when their time would come. the time is now. and so we raised our glasses to their dream. and proof that you should never stop doing just that. dreaming.

many flirtinis and a walleye fillet later we made it home. just in time before the rain started. & it didn't stop for two days. a cold, cloudy, and wet weekend. while that triple threat is perfect for hot tea, soup, and a movie we opted for a house project. we've got this process down. it typically goes something like: i envision. i sketch. hunkaroonie brings my sketch to scale. (think barbie. in real life the dimensions would be totally off.) we shop for material. he builds. we make pretty. project is complete. yeah, we've got this down. we're a good team despite both of us thinking we are the general contractor. minor details.


now this week the smell of early spring albeit late, is lovely. nothing like celebrating a glimpse of sunshine with my new favorite treat. this is the stuff dreams are made of. the lemon flavor. i heard about haagen-dazs five at work. i'd seen the commericals. and passed it in the freezer section at the grocery store. BUT what i didn't know was how fabulous it is. i was in the dark. so because i don't want you missing out, i'm telling you. i'm doing my part. so next time life gives you lemons, make buy this. i can sleep easy now. zzzzz.
we've got 3 more days until our next weekending begins. onward.

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Michelle said...

you are a true example of "live for the moment." you are finding happiness in every moment by simply surrounding yourself with amazing people. Living life in a way that most don't. Glad to have a rita like you to rub a little how to simply live off on me.