Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a cleansing weekend

we had our garage sale.

if you think about it they are kind of a weird concept. putting a price tag on personal stuff you no longer want or need. stuff that means something to you in some way, shape, or form. or at one point they did. stuff you bought with purpose and then turn around and put a red sticker marked two dollars. and if you're like me you negotiate down to 75 cents and then just give it away because it's akward to watch the gentleman struggle to find three quarters. but unlike me, mamasis has a future in it.

either way, the concept is still weird. i think i'll just shop them, mamasis can have them.


we opened the garage doors and started staging stuff in the driveway. the coffee was percolating (we had our 60 cup commerical coffee pot going all day, with individual creamers and to-go coffee cups for our guests the shoppers. we could have lost money on the whole deal if no one came but that's the risk of being a good hostess having a garage sale). the garage sale sign was staked in the front yard. and just like that, we were open for business.

we stayed open for a day and a half and got rid of 80% of our stuff. closets cleaned out and cash in the pocket. our 2011 garage sale is down in the books. success.

after we boxed up the remaining stuff we continued on with our weekend. and while it was the perfect balance of drinking steaming hot lattes while the weather was spitting rain outside and crossing pick up dry cleaning and plant the garden off our to-do list, the best part was answering the door for late night chinese take out and a over-sized bottle of cheap white wine. because sometimes the best part of a weekend is being home when someone knocks. where the four walls that surround you, the roof that protects you, and the people who love you are enough.


this weekend was cleansing. old unused items were sold. the clouds finally parted and the sun began to shine after a long stretch of storms and rain. flowers started to get taller and the buds bigger. we are turning a corner into can we finally say spring? and around that corner, i can see it. i know it's bright.

the garden is planted, so it better be bright. we aren't the only ones who need vitamin d.

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Anonymous said...

with all of the doors in the world...there is a reason they knock on yours.

love, daddio