Monday, May 9, 2011


i was going to sit down and write a post about mothers and how much all of them, in my life, mean to me but it's storming out. raining. cloudy. gloomy. and i'm sleepy from a fun filled weekend. so, pictures will have to suffice. but that doesn't take away how i feel about how blessed i am to be surrounded by wonderful mothers. specifically my nan and my rita who passed down so much love and tradition. with each one came something better than oneself.


1st brat of 2011 season

banana cream pie

we finished our project (a new table for the deck) and used it on saturday night. it finally felt like spring paid us a visit so we took advantage and grilled. charcoal. mmm. our first brats of the season (and my first attempt at banana cream pie). certainly a momentous occasion. when the sun came up and before the sun went down, we were outside 90% of the time. we woke up sunday glad we did just that. it was overcast and much colder. didn't matter we still met mamasis (+ fam) and rita for breakfast. (daddio was visiting lilbigbro in AZ) we had donuts and lattes and talked about a whole lot of nothing. all of which was important. lilmis entertained with dance moves to cee lo forget you. spit-your-latte-out funny.


heart latte


leaf latte

we ventured to the farmer's market for the first time this season. always a favorite and never disappoints. food vendors were busy trying to keep up with the demand, the hungry people in line with their dollar bills in hand and their market bags on their shoulder. the aroma traveled up and down the streets. no other place where brats, corndogs, and sweet corn can smell & taste good at ten in the morning. roasted nuts, homeade pastries, mini donuts and fresh squeezed orange juice. the market is your oyster.

(and while we had just come from a donut shop, hunkaroonie and rita insisted on mini donuts. who am i to judge their love of fried dough.)

mini donuts

farmers market brats

farmers market

farmers market flowers

once we pryed ourselves from the food vendors, the flowers were just as delicous to look at. eye candy. they had herbs in every flavor and color. purple basil. chocolate mint. everything smelled insane. fresh produce lined the sidewalk, everything so tempting. we opted for 3 eggplant plants for our garden.

so our weekend was filled with lots of yummy food and the chance to finish up some outdoor projects. we enjoyed the sunshine and made the best of the rain. and we celebrated the wonderful mothers in our life (including mamasis who certainly raised the bar). i guess that was a pretty lengthy post just to say that.

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