Friday, May 27, 2011

a very choppy post likely filled with incorrect grammar

i sat down to write this post on monday. i got one picture uploaded and that was that. apparently i hadn't shifted from weekend to work mode. it was a slow moving monday. we got away for the weekend. it was a quick, but great, trip to the farm. sun & wind burned and more consumption of fresh air that we've had in months. pure perfection. then it was home on sunday to see the news and images of horrible destruction caused by a tornado that rolled through town. our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected. as well as in joplin, mo. the footage is heartbreaking.

casey & anna, aaron & jake

hunkaroonie was leaving on business monday morning so we spent the hours after we got home to prepare him for his week travels. yes, a week. ofcourse my family made sure i wasn't lonely so we had lots of sleepovers. mamasis and lilmis brought over dinner & their jammies and slept over last night. after lilmis went to bed we took our flatbread pizza and bottle of wine out on the deck. finally at 11:00pm, way past my bedtime, we turned in for the night. it was so much fun waking up to have coffee this morning although the alarm went off way too fast. thanks mamasis for suggesting the sleepover.

i appreciated all of the family time but i am so ready for hunkaroonie to be home. but seriously what would we do without family? oh, he just landed. he's in town! and we have a three day weekend ahead so i'm cutting this short.


ND, CO, and WI family, i will send an email this weekend with a link to the pictures. i have them uploaded so fear not. i have not forgotten. thanks for a great weekend. julie, we missed you. next time.

everyone have a safe, enjoyable and filling holiday weekend!

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