Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a darn good weekend

mom & dad 34yrs

i declare every weekend a three day weekend. wouldn't that be nice? funny how incredibly productive you can be with an extra day off. this holiday, memorial day, weekend marked 34 years of marriage for my parents. i can only imagine the amazing adventures that 34 years can take you on. they have traveled on that adventure with such wisdom, passion, and faith. these days broken and blended families are so common, and while any kind of family is something to be treasured, i am grateful for the perseverance and guidance of mine. so we celebrated, saving the big party for next year, with a cookout. a burger bar.

memorial day weekend
rita's juicy lucy burger

mamasis and i made tons of fixings to top the burgers. something to make them extra special. the toppings could be mixed & matched or could be made into a-

My Thai Burger (pepperjack cheese, mango & curry slaw), Black & Bleu (bleu cheese crumbles, bacon, fried onions, bleu cheese dressing), Our Juicy Lucy (cheddar cheese, fried egg, fried onions), The Big MacDaddy (cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, diced onions, pickles & thousand island sauce), The Mushroom & Swiss (swiss cheese, sauted onions & mushrooms & bacon) or the Classic Bacon Cheeseburger (no explaination needed).

most of us split our burgers in half and tried two verions. we served them up with grilled steak fries and boc choy salad. mamasis made homeade cream sodas which hit the spot because it was hot outside. so refreshing. and she brought orange soda and made a creamsicle version. she's just fancy like that.

memorial day weekend

memorial day weekend

looking around on our deck that evening playing games, not an seat empty around our new patio table, i couldn't help but think of the months to come. summer. our new table and chairs getting perfectly worn. the stories, laughs, and late nights paired with inapproprate jokes to come. the newly planted window box with itty bitty flowers standing only a few inches tall. and the herb pots filled with rosemary, mint, cilantro, basil, and parsley. the chance to watch them grow and nurture them through the summer months. waiting for when it's time to clip them and use in ice cold lemonade or mojitos and chop them and spread on salads or wisk in marinades. the just-filled propane tank marks the first of the grilling season. it's all just beginning and it feels, and smells, oh so good.

memorial day weekend

memorial day weekend the kickoff to summer. it's a darn good weekend.

we have had so much rain the past two weeks that we are thankful for sun. my garden is staying plenty moist but needs the sun to grow. with all the rain we have been saying extra prayers for those affected by the rising waters of the missouri river. hunkaroonie's parents have been busy helping families and sandbagging. and my bff sarah has been worried about her home as well. the weather this spring has been anything but spectacular for many parts of the country. i'm sort of obsessed fascinated with the weather so i'm on high alert with sirens go off. ready to sprint to the closet. hunkaroonie is the exact opposite. go figure.

memorial day weekend

i've been using rhubarb that grandma gave us when we were at the farm last. last weekend i made strawberry rhubarb pie and rhubarb porridge(oatmeal). the porridge was made with old fashioned oats, rhubarb, vanilla soy milk, orange juice, and brown sugar. YUMMY. next up i want to make rhubarb custard bars and rhubarb cobbler. i think i'm going to have to drop some at the neighbors because IT IS bathing suit season. and now 80 degree weather so time to break out the hot pink nail polish. even if the bottle says it's Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em. there is no holidng back. summer, ready or not here we come.

memorial day weekend

happy june! oxox

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