Tuesday, June 7, 2011

it was a summer shandy weekend


we are thoroughly enjoying the hot and humid weather. the first hot summer weekend of the year is pretty hard to disguise round here. the neighbor across the street is mowing the lawn in (jean cut off) shorts without a shirt (i'll spare you further details). the house to the left is reading a book on their deck. shorts rolled up and feet extended onto the ottoman, their chair perfectly placed in the single ray of sunshine peering between the trees. my husband washing the vehicle in our driveway wearing gym shorts. the sound of kids doing canon balls in their pool through the backwoods.

let me tell you it's pretty hard to disguise that minnesota white winter skin. nuff said.


cracking open the first bottle of summer shandy & clipping fresh flowers from the yard. apparently it doesn't take much too make me happy. i'm happy. oxox


C.E.R. said...

I popped my first Shandy this weekend as well. Bliss.

Aaron said...

Counting down until we can sit and share a chat and a few.