Sunday, June 19, 2011

ten twenty two

i've wanted a tattoo. especially the past few years. when hunkaroonie got his last tattoo i was really close to getting one. we were going to do it together. different tattoo, same meaning. i remember asking the tattoo artist how much it hurt to get one on your wrist. he said, "the pain is all relative. sit down and find out for yourself." but i couldn't. i backed out. i was so mad at myself. i always over analyze everything. i guess being that it's permanent it's good to over analyze but not to the point of paralyzing the things i want to do in life. lesson learned.

so one year and two deposits later, i took a deep breathe and went for it.


we walked into the tattoo shop with a heat index of 104 outside. as if i wasn't sweating enough from nerves, the temperature on that day set a record of the hottest day in over 20 years. brilliant. after i signed some paper, which i cannot honestly tell you i know what they were, mike came to get us. he was very patient with me, positioning the outline a couple times because i was certain it wouldn't be center unless he moved it over "just a fraction." well that and me asking to look in the mirror "just one more time" before he acutally started. i was instructed to "breathe and let me know if you start to feel nauseous." mike earned his $100 that day and i likely lost 5 pounds in sweat. we'll call it a win win.

what felt like an hour later, turned out to be only 20 mintues, it was a done deal.

ten twenty two. october 22. our wedding day. a day that will forever have significant meaning. a day that changed me forever. hunkaroonie has our wedding date in roman numerals. and now i, finally, have this. yes, it's permanent. but to us, so is marriage.

we were at the farm this weekend and saw it fitting that we take a few pictures of the tattoo (ofcourse i had to show all my bloggy friends & family) on engagement hill. always a special place to be. this time even moreso.

we sat on the hill, after an hour of hiking, thankful. everytime i look down and see my tattoo i'm reminded of the marriage i work so hard for, to live a little and to love a lot.

now i'm off to get a manicure. looks like those paws need it.

(mamasis got a tattoo with mike after me. hunkaroonie and brother-in-law were there too. then we celebrated with dinner and drinks. a top memory for the 2011 list of favorites. )

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