Wednesday, July 13, 2011

and so we celebrated

on my 13th birthday my mom and i pulled into our driveway in our gray & silver astro van. yeah homegirl drove in style. she reached over to the passenger seat visor and pushed the garage door opener. just as the door rose high enough and in perfect going-through-puberty unison, SURPRISE rang out the garage & all through the neighborhood. my family, friends, and neighbor kids were piling out of the garage toward me. it took all of me not to climb underneath the bench seat in the van and pretend i didn't see them. instead i took deep breathes. i smiled, hugged, and tried not to faint.

later i thoroughly enjoyed my 13th birthday party. a little dance party in the garage bouncing to shoop by salt-n-pepa, the sign by ace of bace, and whoop! (there it is) by tag team. surrounded by my peeps. my scrunchie wearing posse. i felt very loved.

but i think it was a defining moment, the realization :: surprises ain't for me.

so it is every year when my birthday rolls around that i remind my family and hunkaroonie that i don't want any surprises. i'll take dance parties in the garage (perhaps to better selection of music). but just no surprises.


they didn't listen. but that's ok. he was a pretty fun surprise.

hunkaroonie & mamasis had the most lovely birthday weekend planned. i could & should tell you about every event planned with every detail executed because it was so special and so wonderful. but that would take awhile. so, i'll recap.

thursday :: hunkaroonie takes me shopping for a new dress for saturday. he threw in a new coach purse too. oxo he always spoils me.

friday :: my brother, the aforementioned surprise, flew in. mamasis threw a 'farmers market finds' dinner party that evening. all of my favorite things were on the menu. all of which can be found at our favorite farmers market. it did not disappoint. redonk.

bday bbq

bday bbq
beverages: cold beer, fresh squeezed lemonade

bday bbq
grilled corn on the cob, jalepeno brats with sauted peppers & onions, kettle chips, cinnamon & sugar almonds, veggie cups w bleu cheese dressing

bday cake
my favorite cake. special ordered. lemon & rasberry torte. note: does not come with 18month old finger inserted.

saturday :: brunch at my favorite spot then some shopping. naps to prepare for the night out. later we popped a bottle of champagne to enjoy while we got fancy for the evening.

5 o'clock :: surprise. stretch limo arrives with family inside. we share some celebatory shots & more bubbly and crank the music. no idea where we were going but i felt beautiful & loved and so it didn't matter.

6 o'clock :: we arrive at our destination. dinner reservations @ the corner table. the chef's table. in the kitchen. this was heaven for me and the experience deserves a post all to itself. and it will.

midnight :: limo drops us off. tired. stomach full. tired. heart full. tired. nighty night.

sunday :: at the lake majority of the day. floating on the water. recovering. mamasis hosted a pizza party that evening (pizza always has me at hello) and then we turned in very early.

w my love.

bday dinner
dad & rita

bday dinner
w mamasis & broinlaw

corner table
best resturant.

bday dinner
tattoo sisters. best friends.

so here's the thing about surprises :: they require thought & planning, they are full of love, and they really aren't that bad.

i have surrounded myself with incredible people, both family & friends, and i certianly do not take that for granted. so, i thank you. oxox

and i thank you for hanging in there for a long, yet recapped, birthday weekend post.

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