Thursday, July 28, 2011

catching you up

this summer has been hot & humid. only negatives; shiny foreheads and melty ice cream. but in the blustery cold month of february we will be regretting even noticing those negatives. so i embrace the melty almond pistachio ice cream that drips down the cone onto my hand. it's summer baby and i love it.

july humidity
july humidity on the patio door

in anticipation for visitors i, like always, spent the days prior in a state of to-do. cleaning toliets. chopping watermelon. strategically stacking food in the fridge. dusting & sweeping. squeezing 34 lemon halves by hand for a new recipe (thanks crystal). removing lilmis fingerprints from the patio door. placing vases of fresh cut flowers in the bathroom. and beer in the fridge. fresh fruit placed on the cake pedestal. writing on the chalkboard "Welcome Athletes & Race Fans." clean sheets on the beds. handwritten welcome cards on the pillowcases. flank steak & shrimp marinating. :: like i said, it's a state of mind. hunkaroonie thinks i (although he helps) always try to outdo myself. and i do.

but as the visitors arrive and the house starts to fill up, i never regret it. signature drinks start to flow and bellies get full. their is laughter and love. and comfort. and it's all so worth it.

warrior dash
hunkaroonie & cousin. mud pit & barb wire.

warrior dash complete
stop right there. stay away. please no hugs.

warrior dash complete
kind of, sort of, dirty

looking around sunday evening at the state of the house, it's safe to say we all enjoyed ourselves :: success.

this week started as busy as last week ended. hunkaroonie was off on a business trip and i tried to keep the momentum moving at home with things like trips to the dry cleaner & goodwill, laundry, and cleaning. i did however reward myself with ben & jerry's pistachio pistachio ice cream and monday's episode of the bachelorette. i feel good knowing hunkaroonie won't arrive home to dirty dishes piled high or stanky overflowing garage not taken to the curb.

however the momentum stopped. the to-do list empty.

:: those toliets will just have to wait.

sisterinlaw & fatherinlaw. half iron man finishers. please ignore their shirts.

on the home front :: our garden is bursting with produce. the tomato plants have already outgrown their space and are climbing high. it is so rewarding to slice into a tomato to the brightest bright red color you have ever seen inside. or to rinse a red pepper, slice, and enjoy just as it is. the garden may not sustain a family like the duggars nor does it pay for itself (as least not yet) but it's my hobby. i love it. and hunkaroonie loves the end result.

and if i may tell you, those blt's are pretty much worth having a garden for. them right there pictured below there. :: crunchy, juicy, drip down your hands, salty, sweet, mayo smeared on each slice, barely fit in your mouth, heavy on the tomato & bacon-light on the lettuce, kind of deliciousness.

need one. want one.

BLT with tomatos from our garden

have the best, to-do free, weekend. oxox

oh and incase you're curious.
:: Hunkaroonie, Fatherinlaw, and Cousin ran the Warrior Dash.
:: Fatherinlaw & Sisterinlaw swam/biked/ran the Half Iron Man.
:: Motherinlaw, Cousin, and I ate/drank/cheered.

*burp* excuse me. you can see why i might feel worthless. i'm going for a run.

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Valerie Berg said...

I grew up in ND and feel like I must know you...came across your blog some time ago and love your writing, your stories, and your humor! And I just had to comment as my hubby just did his first half Ironman here in Boise and wore that same Sioux shirt!