Tuesday, July 19, 2011

eat, drink, and be farmy.

corner table

Every week I make a list. Sometimes it's on the back of a Wells Fargo ATM transaction receipt and other times on my Lotta Jansdotter notes & to-do paper. The list always contains two things; the weeks menu and a grocery list to accompany. But each Sunday as I'm strolling through the grocery store I tend to divert because as I walk by the produce section, the smell of peaches luring. Screaming "peach pie a la mode." Kale so vibrant green. Perfectly stacked in the crate under the timed mist. Sitting at my finger tips. Summer squash and zucchini. Each one with flawless shiny skin and with size that reminds you it is indeed summer. "They'd be perfect for Wednesday's dinner. Sliced, drizzled with olive oil, and thrown on the grill."
You see not anywhere would you find peaches, kale, summer squash or zucchini on my list. But I placed them in clear produce bags, twisted the top and tied a loose knot in each bag. In the cart they went. Rules are broken. Plans change.

And that's why I love the vision, the mission, of The Corner Table.

Food that is farm driven. Not chef driven.

"Corner Table is a restaurant that listens to the fields, farms, pastures, and seasons that surround us."

:: My heart just skipped a beat.


As mentioned, Hunkaroonie made reservations on my birthday. At the chef table.

The chef table "is a gastronomic feast of gluttonous enjoyment accompanied by beer and wine pairings." (chef Scott Pampuch)

A night where I wore a full face of makeup and a new party dress we pushed the swinging door and walked single file into the kitchen. A table with 7 chairs perfectly placed to view the apron wearing, tattoo covered, gnocchi tossing, uber engaging chefs.

They popped a bottle of champagne to start the evening. We toasted (again). And the evening followed with 14 courses. All amazing, delicious, and fresh. Each in their own way. Each paired with wine and/or beer. All with artful presentation. Every one delivered by the chef himself. With thoughtful explaination of what it was and how it was composed. The passion in each explaination would have anyone sitting at the table turn into a foodie. Right then and there.

That is, if you weren't already.

The night was pure perfection ::

The atmosphere. The food. The people seated around the table.

course one
Course 1 :: roasted beet w grey salt

course two
Course 2 :: shaved asparagus w lemon creme fraiche & sprouts

listen to the ocean
wine pairing made from grapes that were harvested near the ocean. listen, can you hear the ocean?

Course three
Course 3 :: radish stuffed w homeade salted butter (champagne & wine were setting in. excuse the horrible picture.)

course four
Course 4 :: strawberry & goat cheese over arugula w basil vinegarette

course five
Course 5 :: homeade sausage, bread n butter pickles, crouton slice over lemon aoili

local beer
local beer pairing

course six
Course 6 :: panzanella salad w the first batch of summer tomatos

course seven
Course 7 :: shocked sugar snap peas in ginger sauce

course eight
Course 8 :: scrambled farm eggs topped with kimchi & chives over toasted bread slice

course nine
Course 9 :: dumplings in a soy broth w boc choy

course ten
Course 10 :: pouched egg in asparagus soup drizzled with olive oil

course eleven
Course 11 :: pork shoulder on a petite biscuit w gravy

course twelve
Course 12 :: braised rabbit leg, french beans and homeade gnocchi

course thirteen
Course 13 :: pana cotta w shaved chocolate, mint and masorated strawberries

course fourteen
Course 14 :: carmelized brown sugar, sweet potato, topped w salted chocolate ganache

about to call it quits

writing on the wall
signing the kitchen wall

This birthday, this experience, was unforgettable. So, go. Eat, drink & be farmy.


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