Tuesday, July 5, 2011

nowhere to go, no place i'd rather be

oh man did we welcome the 80+ degree sunny weather every single day this holiday weekend. on friday i gave myself a pedicure & manicure. OPI Red. a salute to the independence weekend. they dried in record speed due to a heat index of 104 that day. i knew it was time to finish inside when sweat was running down my leg and piercing through my linen shorts. nast.

i found a recipe for homeade hot pretzels (that has been posted to the side of the fridge right next to a beaver drawing from lilmis for oh some time now) and couldn't think of a better time to make them. hot pretzles brushed in butter, topped with kosher salt, and dipped in mustard. very 4th of July. num. hunkaroonie made his with cinnamon & sugar and drizzled with powerdered sugar glaze. we ate them for dinner while storms were rolling through. thankfully the storms cracked the humidity just in time for the weekend.

iced carmel machiatto

on saturday i woke up early. i stepped out on the deck. the weather was redonk. i ran back to bed and convinced hunkaroonie to go on a bike ride. the paths were filled with branches and debris from the previous nights storm but the coolness in the air, the smell of warmer weather coming, and the total relaxation of a holiday weekend :: grand. we rode around one of the lakes near our home. by 9:30am we were home drinking homeade iced caramel macchiatos on the deck. not too shabby.

a smile with a tooth spacing oh so perfect for an 18 month old.

we were soaking in the rays at the lake most of saturday & sunday. lathering up with SPF 30 and kickin it. the flyin high lyrics from kid rock running through me head 'got nowhere to go, no place i'd rather be.' then saturday evening we celebrated a close family friend turn fifty. we got gussied up to enjoy great company, delicious food, cold beverages, tiki torches, the most amazing flower garden you have ever laid your eyes on, a big white tent, and a rockin band.

summer 2011
hunkaroonie :: hubba. hubba.

on the fourth we celebrated with my family. first we swam at the pool. loungin pool side ain't bad at all. lilmis showing us what a fish she is. today is our fearless leader, dad's, birthday. so when we got together we had lots of meat and homeade cookie ice cream sandwiches. no sissy food. well if you subtract the two salads and the fresh herbs on and in everything. oh even in the ice tea and lemonade. dad, rita owes you. but it was delish. and fresh. and healthy. and yummy. so dad, rita does love you.


dad grilling on 4th

hunkaroonie did a very small presentation of fireworks in the driveway. lilmis loved it. but as mentioned it ended very quickly. i told hunkaroonie not to buy any fireworks because "it's a waste of money. they never turn out." so i'm eating my words. lil mis was very mad at me. she loved them there fireworks.

next year. next year i won't be so mean :: promise.


hope your holiday weekend was full of everything wonderful & safe.

happy birthday dad. we love you. lots. oxox

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Kat said...

Ah, sweaty shorts...the bane of my existence. And definitely at the top of the very, very small list of things I do not love about summer.

It's not a choose-able or win-able battle.