Sunday, August 21, 2011

independence day

hunkaroonie's iPhone tells me it is partly cloudy, 0 mph wind, 63% humidity, and 66 degrees. i tipped over a neatly stacked pile of folded tank tops in my closet as i reached for a long sleeve hoodie that was tucked way in the back. i'm sitting on the deck with a piping hot cup of coffee and a wrinkled hoodie. something tells me that fall is on its way (maybe my cold toes?). although the sun rose at 6:22am this morning, says the aforementioned iPhone, the neighborhood is still calm two hours later. i turned the music down (on the laptop) and i listen to the songs the birds are singing instead. sometimes those birds make you want to find the nearest rock but not today. not this morning.

macbook pro
new macbook pro

friday morning as i woke up to my final day at the office hunkaroonie whispered in my ear, "happy independence day." it was a day of mixed emotion but in the end so incredibly liberating. my final day lasted a short 2.5 hours. tears running down my cheeks as i drive toward home tells me they meant something to me and i to them. grateful for the professional journey and life lessons i was given the past five years. humbled. at home i pull into our garage, get out, shut the car door, push the button to close the garage and smile. i'm ready for what's next. bring it.

later that evening my parents hosted a dinner to celebrate. and since mamasis wasn't there the bottle of champagne was pretty much mine. of course rita prepared quite the spread :: starting with my favorite chicken wings and a bleu cheese torte topped w arugula, roasted beets and balsamic vinegar. then onto grilled corn on the cob & beef kabobs. and ended with homeade biscotti's and espresso gelato topped w homeade whip cream. i mean really. we sat out on the verada and had a splendid evening. can't think of a better way to kick off a vacation between jobs weekend.

cast iron on the grill
cast iron grilling :: shrimp, cherry tomatoes, white beans, capers

summer fire
summer fire

the past couple weeks, and what will likely be the reminder of the summer, we have been hooked on white sangrias. it's tyler florence's original recipe. the perfect summer cocktail if you ask me. here's my version, i tweaked his a bit. in a clear glass pitcher :: combine 1 bottle sauvignon blanc, 1 cup cointreu (or any orange liqueur), 1 liter club soda, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 bunch seedless green grapes, 2 peaches (sliced), 2 oranges (sliced), 3 kiwi (sliced). i combined everything and then at the end added the club soda (so it doesn't fizz everywhere). let sit in the fridge about one hour so the liquor gets cold and the flavors blend. then pour into a glass about half full (to save room for the fruit) and spoon fruit into each glass. YUM. you will not be disappointed.

white sangria

now off to start the day. oxox

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