Tuesday, August 30, 2011

off the grid 2011

i turn my phone on after four days of no signal. no service - and just like that, we're back on the grid. cocooned in my sleeping bag each night; songs of crickets, the smell of fading camp fire, the tip of my nose reflecting the dropping temperature, and a sky so dark showing no resemblance of the one we see in the city. making you question if it really is the same one? the nylon tent; the only thing separating us from the great outdoors. the outdoors holding out a mirror to remind you that you are small and it is big. we were indeed off the grid. thoughts of how i can be a better me filled the tent that night. in the morning the sun came up just as it does everyday and life would resume. and i grudgingly admit, over french press coffee by the lake, that the smell of camp fire in my hair i actually kind of liked. and secure by the idea that a vacation for us could mean packing all the necessities needed for four days into our vehicle and driving 6 hours north.

gunflint trail drive
driving up the gunflint trail

angry trout
trout chowder at the angry trout restaurant


at the shore of our campsite upon arrival

i've been enjoying days without routine, coffee deep into the morning, and afternoon adventures changing with the day. but as 4:00 approaches each day i'm in the kitchen making new recipes (and even desserts) for hunkaroonie when he returns from work. so, as you can see, while i have time to sit and update my blog, you'll understand while i'm enjoying being unplugged. soon enough i'll be back to structure and routine. but not now.

gunflint lake
morning reflection off of gunflint lake

clouds over gunflint lake

before i sign off, enjoy some pictures at sunset. man, mother nature sure knows how to bring it.
each morning and each night. what a show off she is.



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Anonymous said...

there is nothing better...a happy daughter loved by a happy man. life is good.

love, daddio