Thursday, August 11, 2011

this ones for you

i started a garden journal this year. the first page is a rough sketch of what is planted & where. when i say rough sketch i mean that literally. while i'd like to think of myself as creative, drawing is not my strong suit. getting an A in Intro to Drawing took equal parts: batting eyelashes & laughing at my professors (ahem, lame) jokes. drawing the magnificant north dakota sunset in my spare time was just enough tip the scale. to secure that A. to this day when hunkaroonie sees a sunset he'll stop and ask me if i want to draw it. but that was then. this is now. well sort of. i still like to get what i want.

:: now back to the garden journal. it always suprises me to see where those little plants started. my journal records the date each were planted, the location in the garden, where i purchased them, and a description of their progress every few weeks. things like "slow out of the gate," "potential for best in show" and "producing largest quantity" appear in the notes section. then at the end of the season i can decide which are keepers and which are not. deciding which is more important; quality or quantity. there is nothing worse then wheeling the cart down the isle at the garden center only to see twenty types of tomato plants. in that moment the names all sound familiar. and with my luck, i'd settle on the ones that i nurtured and watered the prior year only for them to come up empty. so far this year we have some over achievers who are really producing. but we'll see how it ends in the coming months. and i'll remember next year because my journal will tell me.

august 2011
afternoon sunlight on the garden

let's talk about the middle. the past few weeks my career has been in the middle. in the middle of knowing where i've been and that of where i am going. the middle sucks. so much soul searching, so much cliff jumping, so much self reflection, so much leap of faith, so much we control our own destiny. so much thinking. i like to think big decisions through. pros and cons. consider "what might be." folks, i could talk myself out of a million dollars if it seemed logical. but sometimes it's ok to just jump. even if we don't know how it'll feel when we land. and so i did.

i accepted a new job. and i'm happy. and i'm happy to say i'm still married. (for hunkaroonie this job offer seemed like a no brainer. and it was. it just took me awhile to talk it through. make sure it was logical. and while i talked, he listened. every day. and every night.)

and so i'm no longer in the middle. and that feels good. while i don't know how it'll feel once i get there at least i know where i'm going.

:: sorry if that got deep. but this blog is real life. onward.

august 2011
view from the garden looking up

august 2011
banana pepper

this week has been a celebration of the aforementioned new job. with the neighbors. with my sisterinlaw. and last night with mamasis. we arrived home from work last night to mamasis & lilmis working it in our kitchen. pots simmering on the stove. champagne chilled in the fridge. lilmis all dressed up. nothing like making homegirl feel all loved and everything. (side note: mamasis made a dessert that will certainly make our top recipes of 2011 blog list.) tomorrow my inlaws are coming to town and with the 12pack of redbull hunkaroonie purchased i'm guessing jag bombs will continue through the weekend. and there is nothing that can cure your recent self reflections of am i capable and what do i want to be when i grow up like that of a jag bomb. or so i'm told.

now as i embark on my final days at the office i will take the good. and i will leave the bad. and i will ride off into the sunset. and then maybe i'll draw it.

or not.

august 2011
tomato plant

august 2011
clearing trees. making room for the shed.

raise your hand if you can't believe it's august. well you're right it is. but hopefully that doesn't mean summer is over. because i'm just getting use to the aroma of mint and basil when i step out on the deck. so let me be.

august 2011
mojitos w mint from the garden

i wish you a peaceful, not stuck in the middle, weekend.

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