Wednesday, October 5, 2011

september :: one post for september.

knock knock. anyone still here? tap. tap. am i talking to myself? i understand, a month is a long time to be away. funny how life just - happens. well those who are still here, welcome to fall. aren't you excited? (big nod) for those who are new 'round here, fall is my favorite. my fave. i've enjoyed the brisk mornings walking downtown click-clack of high heels on the sidewalk, adele playing on my ipod, to-go coffee mug filled with the perfect ratio of coffee::pumpkin spice creamer, while the millions of black suits brush by. i've pretty much adjusted to working downtown. one month down. we've got our new schedule and routines down just as if we've been doing it for years. i am grateful for the easy transition. (hunkaroonie, you rock)

with the departure of summer we have been enjoying all of our produce from the garden before colder temperature arrives. we've been eating blt's like they are going out of style. yes still into october. hunkaroonie wanted to eat blt's this summer until he couldn't stand the sight. i am here to report, we are still going stong. and i know why - they are just so:darn:good. i've added the addition of jalapeños from our garden into the sandwich; jalapeño mayonaise. in your food processor: add one jalapeño (seeded if you don't like the heat but want the flavor) and a little evoo and pulse. then add in a big spoonful of mayonaise. lastly salt & pepper. pulse until it's a beautiful light green color and itty bits of jalapeño. smear on both sides of your toasted bread. then start stacking the blt!

blt's with jalapeño mayo

stacked and ready

clean plate club
...and it's gone

in the spirit of catching you up, last month we spent most of our weekends with out of town family. getting in as much time as we can before the holidays arrive and schedules quickly fill up. my motherinlaw & i attended junk bonanza and loved it. if shopping 100+ vendors wasn't enough, the bloody mary's were amazeballs. while we girls shopped our hubbies played a round of golf and then we met back at our house for cocktails & dinner on the deck. luckily hunkaroonie snapped some food pictures because they would end up being the only ones to document the weekend.

crab in avocado bowls
spicy lump meat crab in avocado boats

on september 12 we remembered our puppy girl. thought about her all day. opened my jewelery box, reached into the very back and pulled out a black velvet bag. loosened the drawstring and dropped a shiny silver round pendent & chain into my hand. inscribed with a cursive D. a gift from rita on that horrible week (that actually feels like years ago). i had tucked it away. not quite real, not quite healed, not quite ready. but last month, on the one year anniversary i slipped it on realizing you never quite fully heal. the thought of her does make me happy. and that is real. and i love it.

then it was onto more family time :: we took a trip to visit hunkaroonie's cousin and family. ate squeeky cheese and consumed maybe, perhaps, one too many cocktails. then we were lucky enough to have two family bbq's while my lilbigbro was in town (for his friend's wedding). september just flew in & out. before we knew it october arrived. and now, here we are :: consider yourself in-the-know. you are up-to-date.

leaves on deck
signs of fall

now that brings us to today. finally we can talk about fall and about how we spent our first october weekend. packed a picnic basket filled with honey crisp apples, expensive cheese, crackers, and cider wine. sprawled a wool checkered blanket onto crunchy orange & red leaves. afternoon sun pearing through the trees. dressed head-to-toe in lands end canvas with my head resting on hunkaroonie's chest while reading a book. nah, not really. but it was a perfect fall weekend nonetheless. friday night homecoming football game. shared a delicous pot of stew with my family for dinner on saturday. and on sunday baked with the windows open, cider on the stovetop, and pumpkin candles glowing. oh i love me some fall, but you already knew that.

cherry slab pie
fresh cherry slab pie

banana bars
banana bars

oh, and remember this post? i've got deets for you! totally bananas. hang tight...

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Valerie Berg said...

Seriously, love reading your blog! You are a great writer and your family makes me miss our families in the midwest!