Wednesday, November 23, 2011

let the games begin

as went enter downtown, i power off my kindle and tuck it safely in my bag. i'm sitting by the window and gaze up to see the tall buildings lit up in the dark morning sky, this city still amazes me. someone pulls the yellow cord and the stop requested sign lights up. a girl is standing at the corner; with fingerless gloves she holds coffee in one hand, a toblerone in the other. now that's the way to start what i will call the opening ceremonies to the holiday season.

light the torch baby because the holidays are here.

homeade donuts
homeade cinnamon & sugar donuts :: refrigerated biscuits. use a cookie cutter to cut out the middle. put in hot canola oil (not completely submerged, oil only about half way up the donut). flip when it begins to brown. each side only takes a couple minutes. then immediately dip in cinnamon & sugar mixture. don't forget to use the donut holes too. yum.

however, if you told me it is november 23, i wouldn't believe you. in response you'd likely swipe your finger across your iphone and then turn for me to see november 23 displayed on the screen. fine, so it is. a month that is more than half over and one that is meant to count our blessings. or in my case, november blessings which have yet to be counted. the past 23 days we've had year end doctor, dentist, and eye appointments. deadlines for 2012 benefit enrollment. year end reviews. hunkaroonie putting in very long hours at work. and for me, exams to take (and pass) for my new job. fear not, there is truth in turning lemons into lemonade. i'll squeeze some lemonade out of november such i'm grateful for health insurance and for jobs in this unsettling ecomony.

bday party
kisses at nan's 75th birthday party, photo credit uncle scott

regardless that november has been down right exhausting, the torch is now lit. it's the holiday season, a time to give. on sunday the rim around our windows were fogged from the warm heat on cool glass. we had just received our first blanket of snow the night prior. i declared a perfect day to stay in sweats and stay inside. i made paula's caramel apple cheesecake bars, pulled pork and famous dave's mac 'n cheese. hunkaroonie has spent these few days leading up to thanksgiving with his family at the farm so i sent the food with him. not sure why i didn't sent the bars too, but i didn't. hunkaroonie and i split a bar on sunday night, the rest of the pan sits in the fridge.

last night i cut up the bars, place them on a white dinner plate and tie a big orange ribbon like you would a present. slip on my uggs and walk through the snow to our neighbors. ding dong. the lights are off. the dog is barking. knock knock. blast, they are not home. i walk back home across the lawn with my ribbon wrapped plate full of bars. i slip off my uggs and sit at our kitchen island with the plate in front of me. i unwrap the bow and eat two bars.

dinner, check.

peek at holiday decorations :: simple & rustic this year

tomorrow we will go to mamasis' to celebrate thanksgiving. i will bring appetizers. mamasis will make a side dish and a pie. rita will be taking care of everything important. and i will be spending the remaining 7 days of the month counting my blessings and being grateful. because i am certainly aware that the things to be grateful for are bountiful.

let the games begin :: happy thanksgiving. oxox

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