Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the tides are turning

monday morning greeted with a reality slap on the face. hardly the ideal way to start the week. so i did what anyone else would have :: extra concealer & unlimited coffee. just as i applied my second layer of concealer under eye, hunkaroonie yelled for me to "come, come quick." his pointer finger was directed to a tree in our backyard. an owl was sitting in perfect view from the window. even in the dark morning sky, you could see the owl as clear as day. after discussing how big they really are and wondering how long it would stick around, i receeded back to the bathroom and, hello, back to my concealer.

later on the bus ride into downtown, multiple layers of concealer later, i wondered if owls represent anything. now i don't typically believe in signs. i don't believe in ghosts (sorry julie). but that owl, that owl had me wondering. seeing it perched on the tree limb, looking as if it was protecting our house all big and strong. it had me curious. so i google "what is an owl a sign of?" and this is what it said::

"Owls, and other birds, are messengers. Owls see well and hunt in the dark. They remind you to be aware of those things around you that may not be readily apparent. That is why owls are thought of as being wise---they see what others can't see."

the owl hasn't returned. maybe his wise little self did indeed deliver a message. he came, he saw, he conquered. or maybe he liked our wooded backyard and caught some zzz's after hunting through the night.

hoot hoot

either way, i'm watching for you mr. owl. thanks for stopping by.

fall walk
fall nature walk

nature walk
nature walk :: watch your step

i will have no regrets about not enjoying the beauties that fall brings. it sure delivered. i soaked up every speck of red, orange, and yellow i could find. enjoyed late nights on the deck next to the fire with hot apple cider and a blanket. nights watching the bats flying overhead eating up all the mosquitos that have survived the colder temperature. filled a folder on our macbook titled fall 2011 with hundreds of pictures. many of the subjects including; foliage, shadows, nature walks, and the likes. i've spent more on honey crisp apples than i care to add up. i've baked breads and canned sauces. i've made pies and roasted squash. i've gone through many a cans of pumpkin puree (i even think hunkaroonie hid my last couple cans). i've sucked fall dry. if there was a question on jeapordy "what is bridgette's favorite season?" it would be under the Current Events category. maybe Current Events for $400. so if you are on jeapordy and get that question, i hope you'd know to answer "what is fall."

and when you get there, can you please tell alex that my dad loves his show.

but back to fall. the tides are turning and winter is coming. like coming today. we are told we may see a dusting of snow tonight. but listening to the weather man is a complete gamble. it's 50:50, a crap shoot. but if i tell you that my ugg boots & north face parka are out and the snow blower has gas in it, would that tell you how much i don't trust the weather man?

i don't.

and what if i tell you that sometimes hunkaroonie tells me i'm dramatic.

i am.

fall walk
cigar shadow

fall walk
autumn leaves :: big blue sky

the next few weeks will be likely our last that contain any sort of balance :: the holidays are quickly approaching. i am reminded every night when i get home and lift the mailbox open. holiday magazines stacked high and holiday store coupons slipped between the bills. every cooking magazine cover with pictures of gingerbread men, sugar cookies shaped & decorated like ornaments, egg nog with nutmeg dusting, and standing rib roasts. tis the season.

i can smell it already, can you?

every year hunkaroonie hangs our christmas lights on the coldest day of the year. it's a habit that i'm happy to say in 2011 he was able to break. on a mild fall day, specifically nov. 5th, he was on the ladder going at his own leisurely pace hanging the lights. he was not scraping ice off of in order to hang the clips and he was actually able to feel his finger tips.

as he was hanging the lights our neighbors came out to wish us happy holidays.

and yes soon. in just a few short week it will indeed be the holidays. until then we'll enjoy weeks that contain some balance, trees that still have some leaves, the last two cans of pumpkin puree (if i can find them) and we'll continue to marvel at our already hung christmas lights. ready to be flipped on november 25th. not a day too soon.

fall walk
whose woods these are i think i know

and while hunkaroonie was hanging those christmas lights, lilmis was snoring like an old man in the bedroom. we have developed a special relationship with her over the past couple months. yes, we've rocked her to sleep, given her bottles, changed diapers, read bedtime stories, and strolled up and down the block. but that was mainly one sided. but somewhere between "where is she" and "you'll like it bridgette made it", it became a relationship. a real relationship :: two sides. and every time she leaves i grab her little face, look her in the eyes and tell her i love her. while she just stares at me i believe you are never too young, or too old, to be told how much you're loved. and that little girl is loved.

and while we were doing mamasis a favor for watching her, it is in giving that you receive.

sleepover w lilmis :: park adventures

it's almost wednesday and i'm thankful for bank holidays :: short week and long weekend.
catch you on the other side.

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Anonymous said...

"...the woods are lovely dark and deep, but i have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep."

can't tell you how much i enjoy reading yur posts...i guess i just did.

love, daddio