Sunday, December 11, 2011

fa la la

i pour a touch of cream and stir two packets of raw sugar into a piping hot cup of decaf. begrudgingly i follow them outside. i was thinking it was the cosmopolitans and the colorado bull dogs talking, but once we stepped outside it was magical.

impromtu dinners are becoming my favorite.

Rita (4:40pm) where r u
Me (4:41pm) home.
Rita (4:45pm) if u out shopping if u wanted we would go to dinner
Me (4:46pm) meet halfway and we are game. blvd @ 5:00?

:: rita's text are always somewhat, alittle bit, cryptic ::

december winter snow
our first snowfall

the snowflakes were falling at the perfect speed - landing delicately on the gardland wrapped fence that twinkled from the white christmas light so perfectly placed. likely an inch on the ground already as we pull the door open. we get seated in a corner booth by the window. dark wooden blinds open just enough to see snowflakes hitting the window. my parents arrive and we catch up over cocktails for the next hour. then lobster mac 'n cheese, ribs, and turkey burgers to satisfy our hunger and offset the aforementioned cocktails. with clean plates, empty cocktails, and the snow still falling - hunkaroonie was eager to check out the bonfire outside. we ordered a round of decaf coffee and followed hunkaroonie to the fire. in a litte alley with a ceiling of white christmas lights, four adorondeck chairs circled a firepit. with my gloves i wipe snow off the chair and sit down. the smell of birch and oak oozed from the flaming fire, warm coffee filled my insides, and soft snowflakes hit my face. right there in the middle of the city on a december saturday night.

again, impromptu dinners are becoming my favorite.

each night when i get home, even before i take my coat off, i practically sprint up the staircase. turn the christmas tree lights on and place the ipod in the bose station. i press play. album two - christmas albums on shuffle - is filling every corner of the house. then i breathe easier and hang my coat in the closet. i am one amy grant song away from grabbing hunkaroonie and hitting the streets. a two man christmas caroling roadshow. amy grant & vince gill who?

maybe i need to tone down the christmas dial.

or maybe i don't.

tis the season :: fa la la
happy december.


Michelle said...

its ok bee i have switched the words of tennessee christmas to at times whitefish christmas or montana christmas and sometimes just for the heck of it north dakota christmas but that one is too long so it doesn't go as smoothly w the tune...however my off key voice might be what is wrong maybe i should leave amy to do the singing but what fun is that...i am with ya sister tis the season fa la la.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about you recently as I was hoping Amy Grant would come on my Pandora Christmas station! Enjoy the holiday season! :)