Sunday, December 18, 2011

our kickoff to the holidays: chicago

skating in chi town
skating in millenium park

while we waited for our table we sipped on a cocktail. i a red wine from greece and hunkaroonie a dark belgium beer. looking around i'm guessing there was seating for 40 - with not a single seat open - and with about half of the people lingering waiting for their party to be called, the place was packed. no surprise with the rave reviews and interesting menu, this was indeed the place to be.

the purple pig; the perfect place to end our four day getaway in chicago.

:: legand has it that if a pig drinks red wine it will turn purple
:: in 2010, bon appetit named the purple pig one of the 10 best new resturants in america

chi town
morning cappuccino & pastries at lavazza

lou's pizza
deep dish pizza at lou malnati's

after the hostess showed us to a comfortable table for two, hunkaroonie looks up from the menu to tell me we are going to try things we normally wouldn't. i raise my left brow both excited and nervous. after locating a view to the ladies room, i oblige. with a menu that contained ingredients from nose to nail, we had lots of options to choose from. we took turns ordering from the menu. there was always alittle uncertainty closing the jaw on that first bite but we had the best time.

like steven tyler said, livn' on the edge baby.

bone marrow
roasted bone marrow

proscuitto di parma. roasted bone marrow with herbs. pig's ear with crispy kale, picked cherry peppers and fried egg. mortadella balsamic and pistachio smear. milk braised pork shoulder with mashed potatoes. sicilian iris: bioche filled with ricotta & chocolate chips.

portillo's hot dog

capp on copper bar
afternoon cappuccino at coco pazzo

the bean
the bean

it is best to say that we ate our way through the city. however, we did manage to see the sights of the city. christmas lights & horse drawn carriages up and down michigan avenue never made it feel more like the holidays. there was also a perfect combination of books, naps, & afternoon cappuccinos that allowed the soul to breathe. it was a magical and restful trip, our kickoff to the holidays.

chi town
getting our picture taken by the bartender:: we smile. oh, no it didn't work. we smile again. oh, wait push this button. smile again. oh, look through the view finder. we smile again. oh, no that didn't work. we don't smile. that's ok, thanks anyways. click, click, flash. oh it worked... but wait, we didn't smile that time.

i do hope your december has been much the same; joyful and restful.

:: and for my fellow foodies, here is where we ate: gino's east pizza, lou malnati's pizzeria, portillo's hot dogs, lavazza, the purple pig, the corner bakery, wow boa, garrett popcorn, magnolia bakery , coco pazzo

lights. every street. everywhere.


C.E.R. said... I can't believe it took a couple of Minnesotans to inform me that a Magnolia's is now open in my neck of the woods! Whoop whoop! :)

Your trip sounds delightful! Maybe next time we can swap houses like in the movie The Holiday! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay Chicago! Glad you enjoyed your time here. And I'm ecstatic to see Portillo's made your list. Hopefully you had the chocolate cake. :)