Thursday, December 22, 2011

'twas the week of christmas

craziness and christmas week go hand in hand, like peanut budda and jelly. but we are choosing to leave the peanut budda out and just enjoy the jelly. it would be a shame not to, i mean it's jesus' birthday week. and round here we celebrate birthdays all week long.

so this week, we raise our mango margaritas and clink the glasses to the holidays, we turn the radio up and sing parumpumpumpum, and we slip the christmas tree shaped peanut butter cup into the cart last minute at checkout.

yeah, we're rebels like that.

in other birthday news :: lilbigbro celebrated his last week. we are so proud of him and miss him dearly. {come home soon} and lilmis turned two. she gone and did it. didn't even ask us if it was ok. that little nugget has so much personality wrapped up in her now, 2 year old, body. i think homegirl is going to give mamasis a run for her money. last week when mamasis pulled out a new skirt from the dresser, gross i don't like it was not the reaction she expected. and if a donut is in the house, sayonara to anything that is not. dooooonut. doooooonut. she loves her some sugar. and lilmis expects everyone in pairs. if i come in the door it's where casey? and the questioning continues all.night.long. he's at a work dinner. there is silence for a couple mintues until where casey? it's only a matter of time and the question is asked. again. and while i love her love for her uncle, our entire evening is usually spent answering her question. like i always say, it's just better when he's around. and apparently lilmis agrees.

she is starting to string together sentences and we can't get enough. it is hilarious and we find ourselves repeating her sentences even when she's not around. like oh no what happen? only a million times. and only when applicable.

or not.

silly string has never been so fun

so let's see with t-minus 2 days until christmas, you've still got time to embrace this birthday week. to make everyday good. good ofcourse being relative. for me a holiday lifetime movie would suffice.

even if your hearts are heavy this holiday season may you dig deep & find reasons to be thankful. and may your christmas be merry & bright.

holiday lights
christmas lights

:: and speaking of heavy hearts, can you do me a favor and add my nan to your prayer list? we would be grateful. oxo

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