Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 christmas & new years hallah

we packed the pilot with suitcases, corn nuts, nibs, christmas music, and perfectly stacked presents wrapped in bows and headed west for four nights. upon our arrival, there were stockings hung and tequila shots lined up and that only means one thing; christmas 2011 begins now.

there may have been bose noise cancellation headphones, ugg slippers, lulu sweatshirts, sterling silver footed bowl, or a scripture engraved bracelet given as gifts this year, but you know what took the cake? walkie talkies. yeah, walkie talkies purchased at gander mountain in an isle that lined the gun and rifle section. yes, i said walkie talkies were the favorite. we couldn't charge them fast enough and chose code names (bison girl here) before the package seal was even cracked open. and then after a full night of charging, on christmas day, we put them to use. after the sun went down, boys vs girls out on the golf course, it was on. hide and seek. the smiles, excitement and laughter that night could mirror that of 5 year olds at an amusement park. it may have been because it was christmas, maybe because tina came, because everyone was home, or perhaps the italian wine. but i'd like to think it was because we were together.

and i'll raise my glass to that.

christmas 2011
all gussied up for christmas eve service. to me there is nothing quite like sitting in a church pew with family members, holding your white candle in the dark singing Oh Holy Night. i get choked up every.single.time.

over the holiday season i was reminded how fortunate we are, how fortunate we are to experience more than one definition of home. we were able to go home for the holidays, back to a sky that is so big yet so very familiar and then at the end of our time away, after memories made & relationships restored, we go home.

coming home and going home. you're right hunkaroonie, we do have more than one.

:: and then we navigate the pilot two hours north for our new years celebration.

we huddle around the kitchen island sipping disaronno over ice and cold lemoncello raising our glasses one last time to 2011. it was the last night of 2011 and the first night we all gathered north to a cottage surrounded by snow covered pines and a frozen lake. it was the first night of many to be spent with family. at my parents. at their cottage in the woods.

new years

with no actual clock hanging on the wall and no television to see the ball drop, 10:35 pm may as well been 12:35 am. so before the clock (we didn't have) struck midnight we all parted ways to our respective areobeds. apparently ice skating on the lake was our first form of excerise since before dec 23, and i should not and will not point out the consumption of beverages and rich holiday meals since then, so we were down right exhausted. you think i may be kidding and i might. but mamasis, she was not.

before we could close the chapter on 2011 we had to take a trip to 1985. i slip on my new glasses to show mamasis and broinlaw. my new glasses, did i say that they are new? because they are. i get rave reviews and mamasis wants to try them on. before she puts them on she reads the inside to see the brand. and there it is in white letters, B.U.M Equipment. i do not know if it was the parade of alcohol i had consumed throughout the day, but i nearly lost my sh*#. the laughter likely echoed across the frozen lake and could have gotten me arrested for disturbing the peace. B.U.M Equipment, that is right there with starter jackets, zubaz, and hypercolor.

new years
a bottle of dom pérignon to ring in the new year. hallah.

yeah homegirls got style. i proudly put on my glasses as if they were Anne Klein or Ralph Lauren, because in the end it's all just the same, and marched my way into a cozy flannel covered areobed and nestled into hunkaroonie's shoulder. my body exhausted from the laughing convulsions i just had in the kitchen and contentment knowing (majority of) the people i love most are within 20 feet of me. a good 'ole fashion 1985 laugh has never felt so good. i closed my eyes. 2011, you've been good.

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