Sunday, February 5, 2012

winter thoughts

after our holiday travels were through we needed to recharge, which means we nestled into quiet and unsocial weekends at home. and then after a couple weekends i thought to myself- self, it's time to tackle some house projects. so while our weekends are still quiet and unsocial, things like home depot, nail guns, and paint have since joined. on jan 15 i signed my project request to hunkaroonie, i handed over a sketch with arrows and explainations using words like sorta, about, kinda, and roughly.

my signature meant i couldn't make anymore changes to the design. turns out fig, garlic and rosemary stuffed pork tenderloin in a red wine sauce can change his mind.

:: the clementines are a piece of heaven right now.

after a few events that occured this week i thought to myself- self, you may need to think about socializing more in february.

the elevator makes its final stop on one, the doors open, i get off and head for the revolving doors. once outside i get in line, second, for the bus. i look up to the electronic metro schedule, DUE 2 MIN flashes in neon yellow. and just like that i see our bus making its way toward our stop, right on time. as the bus is approaching i see a gentleman wearing a pinstripe suit, yellow & blue polka dot bowtie with a slight lean from carrying a leather briefcase walking briskly towards us. just as the bus starts to pull over in the bus lane toward us, the man with the bowtie starts to put his foot down to cross the street. i put my arm in front of him and yell, DUDE WATCH OUT! at the same time, the bus driver swerves and honks his horn. the gentleman looks at the bus driver and gives him a glare and throws my arm off of his chest. he thens walks over to the cross walk and waits for the light to turn. i step onto the bus and swipe my metro card, my heart racing. the bus driver and i note how that could have turned out so differently and ironic how the gentleman reacted. i choose an open seat, sit down and smile. i can't believe i just called him dude. he was definitely a sir.

but i don't get out much so apparently dude seemed appropriate for the situation.

:: they are juicy and sweet.

in january i discovered that time sometimes can be so so cruel.

mamasis picks up lilmis from her crib and asks her what she wants to do. with disheveled hair and sleep in her eye she says, bridgee & casey house please. we've tried to find time to see her and while its only been 2 weeks, with work schedules, nightly obligations and business travel, it just hasn't happened. today that will change.

rita & daddio went to see lilbigbro this week. we were so glad they could see his face and hug his neck. in the 5 months its been since we've seen him all i want is to make him chicken parmesan and a vodka tonic and laugh at his jokes around the dinner table. instead i'll count the days until we meet again. our turn. we are coming. soon.

this week hunkaroonie was out of town on business. and while my evenings were full, when i got home i missed our four-legged creature greeting me. it has been 17 months.

time, while i know you can be rewarding and so perfect, sometimes you are just cruel.

:: i can't get enough of these sweet little rounds of goodness.

the groundhog saw his shadow this week, 6 more weeks of winter are ahead. gives me the perfect amount of time to make more comfort food recipes that are dog eared, saved as a favorite, or hanging on the fridge.

bbq brisket shephard's pie. white chicken chili. italian mac 'n cheese. chicken pot pie. french onion soup. zuppa toscana soup. pasta alla vodka.

happy super bowl day.

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Michelle said...

i am so glad to be able to catch up with you via the blog...its kind of the same right??? ya ya i know not at all - soon. glad you are out there saving the world one towie at a time...i know you saved mine a couple of times walking the streets of know me i sometimes just forget to look...but i have you know i have gotten way better - mainly because no one holds out their arm for thats rude! Have a great week. ps. superbowl was missing something this year for and cas.