Monday, April 2, 2012

march in a nutshell & the arrival of spring

nestled in a neighborhood with an antique store across the street, planters filled with twigs that could withstand the winter months, a black awning overhead, and weathered wooden benches on each side of a door that is painted the perfect shade of blue sits a charming & quaint little pub. with 12 tables and a bar, quaint describes it best. a chalkboard next to the bar lists the choices of beer on tap and another shows the wine selection. waitresses are manuvering through the tables with baskets of burgers and tots raised above their head with one hand and two cold ones in the other. like a coreographed dance through cramped tables and hungry patrons. executed flawlessly, a perfect ten.

the blue door pub.

hunkaroonie's birthday. burger 'n beer.

i am so glad he was born. i am so glad beef tastes so good.

my burger
my angus burger stuffed w garlic and bleu cheese 'n cajun tots along side a blue moon beer

bday boy burger
hunkaroonie's angus burger stuffed w cheddar cheese & cowboy'd up (with bbq sauce, onions rings and bacon) 'n fries along side a irish coffee stout beer

while i know the first of january marks a new year giving us a clean slate to make plans, set goals, throw sh*# out (maybe your loser boyfriend or those doc martins sitting in the back of your closet, or perhaps both), prioritize and be mindful of how you book your calendar for the year ahead, start spending less and saving more but for me this time is now- when spring arrives. when the snow has melted and the flowers peek their heads above ground to greet you with a bright green hello after a long winter and when the sun shines brighter and longer, this is when i want to make plans. so it's april that renews me moreso than january.

spring has arrived
spring arrived :: the backyard trees bud

birds found their way north, grass awakens from brown to shades of green, trees bud, windows open and the air smells clean. nothing celebrates a clean slate, a renewal, and a fresh start like pastel colors, dyed eggs, coral painted nails, milk chocolate bunnies, tulips and church pews filled with children in biggerthanyoface hats, satin gloves, dresses, and mary janes- the resurrection of jesus. so with april upon us and easter six days away, i'm excited for this season.

sorry janurary it's me, not you.

park w bella
playing at the park w lilmis during our sleepover weekend

with the car loaded as if they were fleeing the state and yet just the essentials for one week with a two year old, mamasis pulled into the driveway. with instructions like "this week she sleeps with dora and barney in the crib but you never know, maybe she'll want puppy instead" or "see this little mouse, hide it. it winds up and is the macdaddy of meltdown turnarounds," we were now ready. the highlights of the weekend consisted of two walks to the park to play, barney movies, bath time with dinosaurs, reading books, taking her baby on stroller rides, singing the ABC's, and ice cream sundaes. when rita and daddio picked her up for their turn, i gave her a kiss, told her i loved her and had so much fun, she looked at me and said, "thank you birdgie."

but it wouldn't be a weekend with a two year old without at least one meltdown- she didn't see necessary for me to shower while i could just continue playing with her. and while she slept soundly each night, we did not- hard to do with a two year old's knee in your ribcage, foot in your hip bone and an elbow to your face. but when you wake up nose to nose with a "morning birdgie" wake up call, it's very very easy to forget.

and if you think that little girl loves me, her love is tenfold for hunkaroonie.

inlaws visit
inlaws weekend visit :: drinks & appetizers when they arrive. fig, proscuitto, arugula, and parmesan flatbread, smoked salmon w cream cheese & lavash

i will leave you with random tidbits ::

we are back to work today as we did not win the mega millions. just as well, i like my life and i've seen how that much money can f you up. but just one million woulda been ok.

i painted my toes this color from essie. they look like easter eggs and i like it.

we saw the movie, the girl with the dragon tattoo. while i love looking at daniel craig for 2 hr 40 min, the movie was just too much.

i am bringing these two dishes to easter :: this & that

puffed pancake
blackberry puffed pancake :: so yummy and so fun to make

happy easter week! oxox

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