Monday, May 7, 2012

checking in

*this post has been sitting in my drafts. decided to finish it and roll with the better late than never approach.* 

i walk past an aisle at target and glance over to a sea of plastic blue and pink color coated baskets, pastel stripe tin buckets, cars and thomas the train themed felt baskets - i smile. i don't remember exactly what age i was when i realized easter baskets actually meant easter baskets. the easter bunny brought the three kids who lived at the beige house on the corner easter baskets goodies on cookie sheets. the cookie sheets were pulled out of the drawer beneath the stove each year and as we grew, sometimes more and sometimes less depending on who would be joining, then springtime goodies were piled high. i kid not.

thank God for humble pie.

easter 2012
easter sunday :: she is loved, if you can't tell

after back to back weeks of business travel for hunkaroonie followed by our southern california vacation, we welcomed sliding into our own bed sheets this weekend. rain, lightening and thunder rocking us to sleep each night and giving us a reason to extend our stay each morning. i sit at the dining room table overlooking the backyard which has embraced the weekend rain by showing off with the most vibrant green color, a cup of piping hot honey-lemon water sits to my left, the clinking sound of the crock pot lid from the steam is off in the distance while the smell of spicy pork shoulder fills the air.

home is definitely where it's at.

egg salad
springtime :: egg salad sandwich, thinly sliced onion, arugula

saturday rain
april showers bring may flowers

we are getting back into routine, wiping the dust off my camera (the baseboards too) and hoping to see you back here more often with less random from-the-drafts posts. until then i've got suitcases to unpack, laundry to put away, a house to clean, and company to prepare for. 

the thoughtful and heartfelt cards, flowers, and calls about my grandfather's passing have helped restore our hearts. so we thank you.

berry oat smoothie
berry 'n oat smoothie :: 6 whole frozen strawberries, handful of blackberries, cup of plain yogurt, handful of dry oatmeal, heaping tablespoon of wheat germ, cup or so of organic vanilla soymilk, a couple large squeezes of agave

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