Wednesday, June 13, 2012

summer lovin


"um, babe, you're gonna wanna come here." 

so half sleeping, i reach for my glasses on the nightstand and run toward the kitchen in a semi state of panic while i half trip-half turn my ankle on a slipper i didn't see. i stand next to hunkaroonie who is looking out the deck door into the backyard. i rest my hands on top of my head, repeat, repeat and repeat again his earlier words, "oh my gosh." my jaw drops.

it was just shock, pure shock.

backyard tree after the storm, deck view :: a 60 ft elm tree (roughly 5 ft in diameter)

and at that moment there was also gratitude, that our house was spared and no one was hurt. He is good. He is good indeed.

family arrived, chainsaws were purchased, and weekend plans altered. neighbors brought over warm trays of brownies and we were literally lifted in support. this clean up was far bigger than the two of us and it's in time of need when you are able to not only feel blessings, but to also see them.

home owners insurance, we are glad to know you.

farmers market corn
mpls farmer's market :: sweet corn

farmers market donuts
mpls farmer's market ::  i'll have one of each

last month mamasis stepped to the edge of a plane at 13,000 feet in the air. the door opened and her face, hair, and body looked as if she were standing under a gigantic automatic hand dryer. with all of the safety precautions taken and a parachute strapped to her back she bent her knees, lifted her heels, and she jumped. she was able to free-fall for a short period before activating the parachute. after the parachute opened she toggled the steering lines to aim for a safe landing site and came to a gentle stop. and just like that, she did it.

ok, maybe she didn't jump out of a plane but she was just as brave.

and in true early summer fashion we've had hot steamy sunny days followed by evenings huddled around the weather channel seeing our state covered in yellow, a weather alert for our region. 'bout this time every year i ask hunkaroonie which is worse, a watch or a warning. the truth is i never really remember nor do i care, i just want to know if the weather means serious business. he knows me well enough because his answer is always a watch.

lawdhavemercy do i ever love that man.

fm flowers
farmer's market :: sights and smells of summer

silly girl entertaining us while we sipped iced coffee

we have been living in occ and audit land the past few months at work, nearly spent and entirely exhausted. so we packed a cooler with a lunch 'o champions :: lunchables, bbq pringles and red vines. we hit the open road on friday afternoon before the suits got home from work and the cabin-ites loaded their minivans. i slipped on my sunglasses, put my bare feet on the dash, grabbed a red vine from the pack and put it between my fingers like a cigarette. i pretend blew red vine smoke on hunkaroonie and said let's hit it. about thirty minutes out, with the cityscape far behind us, i was fast asleep. hunkaroonie's mind drifted from work to weekend as the avett brothers softly streamed through the vehicle. road trips are the best.

the cabin was our destination this trip. sipping coffee each morning on the patio with the sound of loons and a gorgeous view of the lake. fishing for hours with no where to be. canoeing to the middle of the lake just to be a part of what is serene, calm and beautiful and then drinking it all in.

summer is here and we are lovin it.

tomato plant :: one month and everything is growing like crazy

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Melanie Martini said...

Love my nieces. Brave, Strong, Beautiful.....loved more than words can express.