Tuesday, November 6, 2012


i have come here to write nearly a handful of times and each time words escaped me. but now here i am {hello} dipping my toes into november looking back and facing forward. summer was a season of change for our family, for my family too.

our family change was one like an iguana shedding their skin. you see iguanas know when to shed their skin, it's a sign of proper care and good health, a tell tale it is growing. a new layer of fresh skin doesn't come without struggle but it marks an end. and with that, a beginning. i have struggled with change since the day my sister started kindergarten. i remember it vividly. it marked the first time i felt change and i wasn't much of a fan. as i grew and experienced greater change in my life i learned to adapt. i may come late to the party but i get there. eventually. and then when i do i open my heart wide, i embrace it and never look back. so while this change is my sister's and although a brave and necessary one- i grieve and wait for the day when i arrive at the party because we all know i'll get there. and in the meantime i stand in awe of her and her ability to be the change so many don't have the courage to be. she is, we are, in a new season and it feels really good.

:: pregnancy announcement
as for my family change, it is one of a growing belly. a baby girl growing inside me that we already love & adore. we talk a lot about what kind of parents we {think} we'll be, the parents we want to be. will she get hunkaroonie's dimples or my short legs. my nose or his. an extrovert like him or an introvert like me. left handed or right. but then mainly we talk about what's most important- about raising a child who is healthy, kind to others, feels loved and loves the lord.

oh man, are we over the moon for that little girl already.

the next few months will be filled with holidays, celebrating, and last minute preparations but i will try to stop in & say hello. after all, i've missed you and this little blog. oxox

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