Tuesday, August 20, 2013

hello friends.

you've guessed by now our family has grown.
i became a mom. and hunkaroonie a dad. together we became parents.



as i sit here today i am a different person than the last time i came to write. i may look the same to you, albeit a bit heavier (perhaps tangible evidence of what my body has been through), but i see things differently. after ten hours of labor, i learned more about myself than i bargained for, no one more surprised than me. with my brand new pink baby in my arms, i realized that could just be the most important thing i've ever done. in that moment my world stood still. three days later i walked out of the hospital and looked up to the most crisp blue winter sky you could ever imagine, people walking on the sidewalk, cars driving by, kids laughing - and i remember it hit me; the world kept going. my world stood still while a new life entered but the.world.kept.going. it's true the world stops for no one.



before i had a baby i worried that one day i would look at myself in the mirror and not recognize the person staring back. then after we got settled in back home, i realized that it had happened whether i liked it or not. but the truth is, i don't miss the old me. those care-free days when it was just him and me - that is not our season right now. it was, and it will come again, but for now in this life-changing moment we begin to think and take stock of what's most important. to lay the stepping stones that lead us to the path we want for our family.


these things, both expected and hard to believe, have changed me. but mainly I am changed because my heart now beats on the outside. she's 6 months old.


i am not sure what will happen with this little blog but i know for now my time is better spent being present to our baby girl. you see she's already 6 months old and these days, they go by fast. this blog will always be here, and i may return, but for now my family calls.

and i'm coming.


so i came here to say hello and goodbye.

be well, i'll see you soon. oxox